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Betska K.

A Business Trainer from Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada

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Betska's Training Profile

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Betska is an industry pioneer in the development of innovative best practices for performance enhancement and. Betska loves working in the areas of Leadership Development, Team Success, and Innovation as well as assisting her Clients in enjoying a fulfilling personal life in all areas: intellectually, spiritually and physically.

Betska founded her company in 1991. As a veteran Coach, she is an Accredited Master Coach by the ECI. As a veteran Trainer, Facilitator and Professional Speaker, she is a Professional Member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Her coach training program is accredited/approved by both The European Coaching Institute and the International Coach Federation. The ECI gave Betska a 97% mark of excellence.

Betska is the developer of 70+ award-winning scientifically engineered coaching tools using The Science of Mind-Kinetics® which dramatically accelerates performance. This science literally puts the brain into action. It turns unconstructive thoughts, words and actions into permanent positive ones. In 2003 she won an Award for Innovation through The Victoria Chamber of Commerce. In 2007 she won another Award for Innovation from the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Betska sits on the international Board of Directors for the ECI.

She takes a holistic approach to performance and has a passion for coaching a client in all areas of their life. "Betska clearly has extensive background in working with senior executives and can help one's development from almost any angle." Betska's clientèle includes Executive and Senior Management, high level Government officials, Families and Groups. She specializes in assisting men and women to find their real power.

30 years as an entrepreneur and in multi positions including Senior Exec with International Companies like Lanier and 3M. Diplomat serving in France, England and Switzerland.

Trained to peacefully resolve complex cases in the workplace such as harassment, control, poor performance. Specializes in Group Power Coaching®.

Best-selling author of several well-known books.

Betska believes in giving back to the communities in which she lives. Her strong passion to assist the less fortunate in life allows her to provide hundreds of coaching and mentoring hours to individuals addicted to drugs and individuals and families who are unable to pay full fee for her professional services.

Summary of Achievements

• Betska receives MECI, Accredited Master Coach - over 4,200 hours of coaching.
• Has become a bilateral thinker who masters the use of her right brain in the fashion of great thinkers such as Einstein, Da Vinci and so on. She now teaches this to others.
• First female Diplomatic Courier for Canada in Europe
• American Management Association - Certificate in Management.



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Betska's Training Expertise

33 Years of Experience


Betska offers an extraordinary Certified Power Coach Program accredited by the International Coach Federation.

The word "Power" refers to our inner power.
Our coaching certification program is more than just logical based coaching. You will learn how to coach someone in all areas of their life.

For example, let's say you want to become an Executive Coach. Our experience is that you may be coaching an Executive who, one day, proceeds to tell you that he would like you to assist him with his divorce. Egads! Most Executive coaches would have to pass them along to someone else. With your CPC credential you will be able to "be there" for your client when she/he needs you for any issue or goal. The reason is simply this...

Power Coaching is about working with your Client to develop their own solutions to problems and challenges. This approach is more empowering wouldn't you agree? Yes, if your client requests it, you may mentor using your own knowledge and wisdom.

26 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Chances are if you are looking for training in this area that you are frustrated with Performance Management systems as they exist today.

Betska has discovered something quite unique. Once you have your Learning Agreement in place with employees, history says that those Agreements usually sit on the shelf. The employees either don't know how to achieve their goals or don't care about them. Many employees have no idea how to even discover their roadblocks.

We will provide you with a set of tools that greatly assist your employees in achieving their goals. You will form a greater partnership with success with this work.

You have to experience it to believe it.

33 Years of Experience


Chances are you have tried many many many leadership training programs and most of them have failed to literally change behaviour.

So were we. She, the head of R & D, took herself off of the speaker's circuit for 10 years to research and develop why it is that 50% of training dollars are wasted (ASTD).

Today, she offers you an remarkable Leadership program that will indeed change behaviours. You can even measure it!

It is safe. Fun. A great learning experience for those who are serious about becoming truly competent leaders.
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