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Alan L.

A Business Coach from Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Alan's Coaching Profile

Interim manager, consultant, trainer and business coach
Alan operates as an interim manager, consultant, trainer and business coach offering a very wide range of experience in industrial and commercial activities. He has been extensively involved with delivering strategic solutions to improve the performance of organizations - his commitment to the client being delivered results, not just reports!

Alan's major interest lies in strategic organisational issues - using a specially developed suite of tools to:

- identify issues company/ corporation wide
- develop the solution
- facilitate the solution to meet goals

His approach is focused at the "hard side of the soft issues" - with ability to work either side. Tools can also be used for teaching organisational and management skills. Teaching is usually part of the solution design to leave sustaining change capability in the organisation.

Alan's Specialties

Management Consultant specialising in organisational strategy and change management - major experience in the energy sector, especially the international oil and gas sector -have worked in many other sectors: banking, insurance, timber, pharmaceuticals, food, shipbuilding, paper, construction, government, not for profit.

Whilst UK based, extensive experience of Business Development and networking in the international market - Middle and Far East.



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Alan's Coaching Expertise

34 Years of Experience


Alan's approach is to have a systematic way to analyse the organisation - largely achieved through a facilitation process of a selected group of senior staff.

This is done against the principles on which the organisation is founded - recognised as the "best practice" approach. Given the complexity of the issues, software becomes necessary to ensure thorough cross reference between the founding Principles and the range of regulations and procedures which the organisation and its suppliers must conform with. Also, to identify and deal with conflict between regulations.

34 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Alan has developed this high powered approach to training and signature development - which we believe to be unique. It provides the combined benefits of direct training, and through the seminar aspect, context setting and discussion to make informed assessments. The signature development approach has a simplified and easy to use input format which sits on top of a highly penetrative set of measures.

34 Years of Experience

Oil, Petroleum specific

Interim position - management of Graduate Training (National Oil & Gas Company in the Middle East)

* Operator Training Oil and Gas Process (technical training) - development of all types of bespoke training manuals for the explanation of petroleum processing, and how this is translated in technical design and process equipment. These were large projects. I have managed 6 of these. I have undertaken all aspects of this work from project management to materials development (graphics and text) and delivery.

* A range of CBT projects for use within the oil and gas organisations covering attitudinal changes, induction, high end safety systems, corporate finance presentations

* Development of our own management training section specialising in financial management. Subsequently sold off this part of the business.

* Development and delivery of a specialist Information Management Course based on information within the energy sector - largely self marketed in Europe, Scandinavia and North America
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