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John L.

A Business Trainer from Northampton, United Kingdom

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Trainer / Coach - Marketing Planning / Product Management
John is a very experienced trainer/coach. Over the last 25 years he has worked all over the world from Australia in the East to the USA and the West Indies in the West, working for companies such as Shell, Philips, ABB, Nokia, Xerox, Ciba Speciality Chemicals and Vodafone. He is also an Associate Lecturer at Bradford University.

After graduating with a degree in Economics from The University of Kent (UK) he worked for the leading UK company Cadbury. After a Masters degree in Marketing he moved to a US company, CPC, where he learnt about the challenges of B2B Marketing. He then became a Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield prior to becoming a freelance trainer, which has sustained his interest for 25 years.



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John's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

Experience in wide range of industries and ability to relate to the cliient's industry

40 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

Good combination of academic theory and practical application. Excellent coach in this area

40 Years of Experience

Strategic Planning

Good understanding and clear distinction between Business Planning and Marketing Strategy. Experience in Scenario Planning.
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