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Graham B.

A Business Trainer from Chichester, United Kingdom

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International Marketing Training
Graham has worked extensively in the field of advertising and marketing for a broad cross section of consumer goods manufacturers, industrial products, business to business markets and the charity sector.

During his career in advertising, he worked for a number of leading London advertising agencies, devising award-winning advertising for Walls, Birds Eye, Tobler Suchard, Whitbread and R.Whites among many others.

He then moved into marketing management, first with Cadbury Schweppes, where he developed retail sales for Kenco Coffee, and later worked to relaunch Oil of Olay. New product launches for Vidal Sassoon and the Insignia range when he worked for Shulton, have been amongst the most successful new product launches in their markets.

Graham was then responsible for developing the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Diploma programme at Croydon Business School and became a member of the faculty at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

He now runs a Marketing Firm and both trains and consults in all aspects of marketing for organisations such as IPC Media, Ford, Coca Cola, Microsoft, BBC, Kraft, IBM, BAA and Kellogg’s in all parts of the world. His specialist subjects include Marketing Planning, Research, Communications, Advertising, New Product Development, Customer Care, Team Building and Presentation Skills.

Graham's clients include:

BAA, HSE, CBA Business School, Ford Europe, BBC, General Motors, Coca-Cola Schweppes, Lex Retail, Beiersdorf, IBM, IPC Media, Scottish Courage Brands, BT, Sony, Biss Lancaster, GlaxoSmithKline, Bradford and Bingley, The Barden Corporation, Cellnet, Surrey TEC, Securicor, Sara Lee, Volvo, Exeter Friendly Society, Rank Xerox, ABB, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Nissan, BUPA, Henley Management College, Westland Helicopters, Novartis, Philips, among other.



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Graham's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

Having worked in Marketing for major international blue chip companies I have a thorough knowledge of appropriate marketing strategies in a huge variety of markets and product types.

45 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

The general marketing knowledge in a career that has spanned fmcg, b2b, manufacturing and service industries provides a platform from which to advise and train marketing personnel at all levels in all companies.

45 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

The specialisms covered include marketing communications, new product development, market research and web based marketing.
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