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Stephen H.

A Business Trainer from Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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Stephen's Specialty

Stephen is an engaging individual with extensive knowledge of delivering professional training within marketing, management, innovation and entrepreneurship. His work focuses on 'improving organisations' within entertainment, medical, travel and technology sectors. He brings a 'can-do' attitude to the training space providing entertaining enlightenment to his peers at the institutions of Imperial College Business School and The Company , an international training company.

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Stephen's Training Profile

International Trainer
Stephen is a bright, articulate and engaging individual with extensive knowledge of designing, developing and delivering professional training. He has considerable experience within the fields of operational and strategic marketing, general management, project management, innovation and entrepreneurship at both domestic and international levels. His work focuses on "improving organisations" from a range of sectors including entertainment (TV&Film, hotels and casinos), sport (hospitality and innovation), medical (products), travel (airlines) and technology (gaming and VR).

Stephen brings a "can-do" attitude to the work and training space and provides entertaining enlightenment to his learners and peers at the prestigious institution of Imperial College Business School, London and at The Company , an international development, consultancy and training company based in Manchester and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Stephen's work now takes him to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, France, Switzerland, London and the USA, where he delivers assessed and non-assessed training and professional development programmes for learners across all levels in an organisation.



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Stephen's Training Expertise

20 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

Environmental analysis, design, development, planning and implementation of your marketing strategy

16 Years of Experience


Enabling entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving through product and service development, process development and off-the-wall creative and cognitive problem solving

26 Years of Experience

Strategic Thinking

To enable value-based strategic thinking and design through a developmental and evidence based observation of markets and consumer behaviours.
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