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23 Years
E-Business, E-Commerce
19 Years
Networking Techniques
23 Years
This facilitator is "The E-Business Tutor." He has been an entrepreneur since 1993 and has been teaching entrepreneurs how to use the Internet to increase their business through seminars, workshops, online courses and coaching since 1998.

His students include many entrepreneurs, education institutions as well as members of all three levels of government.

He is the author of the e-book, ?E-Successful! ? Internet Marketing Success Steps for Small and Home Business.?

Drawing on his 26 years of successful management and marketing experience in banking, retail, web design, Internet marketing and e-business, he has created a series of web site promotion seminars, workshops and training sessions. he is a ?technology translator?, reflected in the clear, easy-to-understand delivery of complex material in his webinars, seminars, keynote and coaching sessions.

He untangles the techno-speak language of web sites, search engines and Internet marketing into the working language of the small and home business owner, empowering them to become the master of their own Internet marketing programs. In addition, he provides you affordable solutions, tips and resources that you can put into practice immediately.

A committed e-business entrepreneur, he has fully embraced the ?e-business revolution? creating a virtual environment where his team works together over the Internet and where he teaches and coaches online.

Expertise Portfolio


23 Years

1. How to Launch an Internet Business
in 1 Week

2. How to Promote Your Web Site for FREE

3. Internet Entrepreneurship 101

4. Choosing and Marketing a Home-Based Internet Business

5. Internet Marketing for
Mind/Body/Spirit Entrepreneurs

6. Internet Marketing for Speakers

7. Internet Marketing for Multi-Level Marketing Leaders and Associates

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E-Business, E-Commerce

19 Years

1. Creating & Promoting E-Books

2. Electronic Newsletter Marketing

3. Online Business Networking

4. Search Engine Secrets

5. Making your Web Site E-Different!

6. Market Locally using the Internet

7. Astounding Web Content!

8. The Internet and Rural Economic Diversification

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Networking Techniques

23 Years

Business networking through online communities such as Ryze, Tribe, Orkut and LinkedIn.

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Personal Details

Name & ID Garland C.Garland Coulson, E-Business Tutor - ID 380
Profile Title E-Business Tutor
Category Professional Speakers
Travels from Canada - Edmonton
Citizen of Canada
Gender Male
Age-Group 51 to 55

Good to Know

Languages (fluent) English   English
Worked in Countries Canada   
Professional Memberships Not specified
Hobbies eBaying, book collecting, antiques, wood carving
Availability Globally
Strengths I project warmth and confidence. I am able to easily field questions in my area of expertise and can come up with creative solutions for any industry on the spur of the moment.


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