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Garland C.

A Business Speaker from Edmonton, Canada

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The E- Business & Time Mgt Tutor
Garland is a Tutor specializing in E-Business and Time Management. He has been an entrepreneur since 1993 and has been teaching entrepreneurs how to use the Internet to increase their business through seminars, workshops, online courses and coaching since 1998.

His students include many entrepreneurs, education institutions as well as members of all three levels of government.

Drawing on his over 30 years of successful management and marketing experience in banking, retail, web design, Internet marketing and e-business, he has created a series of web site promotion seminars, workshops and training sessions. He is a 'technology translator', reflected in the clear, easy-to-understand delivery of complex material in his webinars, seminars, keynote and coaching sessions.

He untangles the techno-speak language of web sites, search engines and Internet marketing into the working language of the small and home business owner, empowering them to become the master of their own Internet marketing programs. In addition, he provides you affordable solutions, tips and resources that you can put into practice immediately.

A committed e-business entrepreneur, he has fully embraced the 'e-business revolution' creating a virtual environment where his team works together over the Internet and where he teaches and coaches online.



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Garland's Speaking Expertise

43 Years of Experience


1. How to Launch an Internet Business
in 1 Week

2. How to Promote Your Web Site for FREE

3. Internet Entrepreneurship 101

4. Choosing and Marketing a Home-Based Internet Business

5. Internet Marketing for
Mind/Body/Spirit Entrepreneurs

6. Internet Marketing for Speakers

7. Internet Marketing for Multi-Level Marketing Leaders and Associates

39 Years of Experience

eBusiness, eCommerce

Internet marketing explorer and innovator developing Internet marketing campaigns for small business owners
Built a double opt-in list of over 60,000 subscribers
Took an advertising product from zero to 6 figures in 18 months
Increased client's web traffic to 45,000+ visitors a month using content marketing
Created a 6 week Internet Entrepreneurship workshop to teach people how to plan, launch and promote their own online business and delivered it multiple times in multiple provinces
Created and delivered workshops on Social Media, SEO, YouTube Marketing and other Internet Marketing topics at conferences, colleges, and business organizations
Created and provided custom Internet marketing workshops for specific industries such as Real Estate, Tourism, Health, Government and Non-profits
Management of multiple concurrent website development projects
Delivery of WordPress workshops in Australia via online learning methods

43 Years of Experience

Time Management

Assess businesses' productivity and implement programs to greatly improve productivity and skills
Development and delivery of Time Management workshops at conferences, college, nonprofit organizations and business events
Management of client projects, hiring and management of virtual teams
Training on time management skills both on-site and remotely through web conferencing and online learning management systems
Creation and promotion of online Time Management courses
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