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Daniel S.

A Business Trainer from Midrand, South Africa

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Daniel's Training Profile

Mobile Technical Service Provider
Daniel is recognized as a leading South African Training provider and delivers mobile accredited technical and non-technical skills training and training services.

Daniel delivers accredited technical and non-technical skills training and training services. The aim is to create small enterprises, employment opportunities and improve productivity.

He also supports the development of emerging training service providers and with our infrastructure in support of this, we believe in "spreading the skills".

Born and bred in South Africa, Daniel has an in-depth understanding of the needs of the unemployed and unskilled people in South Africa. The participation of communities, industry, government and sponsors is continuously sought to ensure a holistic training approach.

Daniel's Clients include:

Bartlett Construction
Department of Correctional Services
Merbombo Projects
The Department of Labour
The Department of Trade & Industry
National Skills Fund



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Daniel's Training Expertise

25 Years of Experience

Community Development

Focusses on giving poor communities the oppertunity to excel and to improve their skills in the technical field

25 Years of Experience

Education and Training

We give accredited training to students up to NQF level 3. Our focus are in the technical field i.e. electrical, construction, wood work, motor mechanics etc

25 Years of Experience


After teaching students with technical skills we also provide them with Business skills and basic start up tools to start their own SMME's. Aftercare is also done for a period after the training to ensure sustainability
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