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Gabriele S.

A Consultant from Winkl, Germany

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Gabriele's Specialty

I am a collaboration consultant and coach with a focus on cross-cultural communities of practice and vision search. This implies e-learning as well as e-collaboration. I have been working as a consultant with clients like the Research & Development team o

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Gabriele's Consulting Profile

Collaboration Communities Coaching
International collaboration consultant, coach, analyst, mentor, facilitator, writer, researcher, and leadership development expert, specialized in cross-cultural collaboration, career coaching and vision quest with over 15 years of proven leadership experience. Persistent champion of human centred, ethical work approach.

Holds a Masters degree in the humanities, and works as a freelancer since 1998.
Worked with internationally known companies, non profit and government organisations, including AMD, Weleda, Collaborative Strategies, Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, UNDP, German city of Garching, Dubai DTCM.

Experienced in collaborating and negotiating with global leaders and experts; delivered numerous publications and presentations on international collaboration (list on demand). Demonstrates modelling best practice skills in empowering people to collaborate to the best of all stakeholders.

Flexible, multi lingual, multi skilled, and highly accomplished across multiple sectors, including Research, Recruitment, MarkCom and Community Service.

Successful executive coach of high level achievers seeking new perspectives on their career; using diverse coaching methods such as active listening, powerful questioning, option development, action planning, and story telling.

Interested in international projects, academic work, and advising organizations on building, moderating and fostering collaboration.

Key activities:
Community building on- and offline, creative knowledge sharing; research, feasibility studies; writing of project proposals; business process analyses, global strategic planing of structures and processes; mentoring and management of cross-cultural and multicultural teams, change management, vision coaching.



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Gabriele's Consulting Expertise

26 Years of Experience

Community Development

Community of practice development on- and offline

21 Years of Experience


Vision coaching

30 Years of Experience

Language, Culture

Cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural aspects in collaboration
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