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Diversity Marketing and Consulting
For the past two decades, early adopters in corporate America looking to identify the next growth opportunity have been turning to Andrea for strategy and counsel. A top-tier strategy and business development veteran whose client base has included BMW, Carnegie Hall, Credit Suisse, Ford Motor Company, Hachette Filapacchi, Hermès, Jaguar, JPMorgan Chase, Mercedes Benz USA, Microsoft, Platform Summit, Scholastic, Sony Electronics, Time Life, Google and #YesWeCode. In 1999 Andrea took an objective look at consumer data and GDP and came to a conclusion that C-Suite leaders crave to understand: Diverse segments, like influential and affluent African Americans, drive disproportionate shares of revenue growth.

This knowledge, combined with her vast contacts within the African American leadership community, inspired Andrea to launch her business in 2006. Over the past ten years, she has delivered groundbreaking content to this opportunity, paved the way for countless connections, deals and growth opportunities within this $840 billion dollar market. Andrea’s work with African American influencers began in 1999 when she was a target-marketing strategist and business development executive handling the Mercedes-Benz account. Over the years her work has evolved to advising senior leaders and providing an array of end-to-end solutions to organizations and executives in key decision-making roles. She helps clients see past long-held beliefs and perceptions to instead focus on tapping into untapped business ideas and consumer niches, which drives innovation, growth and new revenue streams.

Andrea provides proprietary access, collaborative technology, seasoned intelligence and untapped business opportunities to leaders who are ready to act and activate. Andrea also helps her clients identify and engage with highly sought after African American C-suite executives, innovators, investors, inventors, influencers and subject matter experts of the new economy.

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Andrea H.

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Carnegie Hall
Credit Suisse
Ford Motor Company
Hachette Filapacchi
JPMorgan Chase
Mercedes Benz USA
Platform Summit
Sony Electronics
Time Life

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Andrea H.

Marketing Strategy

24 Years of Experience
Diversity marketing aimed at the affluent ethnic consumer.
Luxury marketing, targeting the affluent ethnic consumer.

We design strategies and methodologies that provide clients with a superior competitive advantage.

Trends, Future

22 Years of Experience
Reporting on trends and translating them into actionable business and marketing plans.

Diversity, Equality

22 Years of Experience
Helping clients design diversity strategies and methodologies that differentiate them from the competition.
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Andrea H.
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