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Cathy R.

A Consultant from Guttenberg, United States

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Leveraging Generational Diversity
Cathy is Management consultant working to optimize the value and power of generational diversity in an organization. Create engaged communities of shared purpose. Extensive experience ensuring that people have the information and ability they need to be their most effective.

Organizations are facing increasing challenges today. The weak global economy and growing mistrust of senior management decisions as a result of Enron-type scandals and enormous losses from mortgage-backed securities in the US mean that business as usual is increasingly suspect.

In addition, the pressure for speed, innovation and low cost to compete with growing worldwide economies requires that companies leverage their workforce in ways never before seen.

Whether we are talking to organizational leaders in the United States, Australia, Ireland, India, China or just about everywhere else, it is clear that these changes are creating new challenges in recruiting, training, communications, and many other areas. Over 60 percent of US corporations report difficulties with the generational differences among their employees.

Effectively engaging a broader range of perspectives and experiences allows organizations to be more productive and innovative, learn more quickly and keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace.

For years, we have been observing the growing impact of generational diversity in the workplace. Drs. Cathy and Scott Mills are dedicated to bringing together the brightest minds and most skillful leaders from all different types of organizations to build healthy, vital organizations.

Cathy is a Baby Boomer who works with companies to nurture knowledge and skill at all levels. She helps ensure that people have the information and ability they need to be their most effective, whether in fulfilling on an organization’s purpose in powerful ways, participating in productive teams or knowing how to share the value provided by a product or service.

Cathy’s goal is for people to love what they do, build on the unique strengths they bring and work effectively with, and for, others. In addition to her work with companies, Cathy is a guest lecturer at a number of universities in NY on the topic that most excites her—generational diversity and engaged communities.

Cathy's approach is uniquely rooted in research from multiple disciplines. While we tailor it to each organization's unique needs, some of the ways that you may find us working are:

* Delivering executive presentations to raise awareness of the need to take action
* Implementing assessment techniques to identify where you are optimizing the value of all generations
* Leveraging all generations in support of change efforts
* Providing workshops to support and enhance communications, teamwork, engagement, management and other important areas
* Creating innovative interventions for your workplace
* Offering guidance in strategic and long range planning



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Cathy's Consulting Expertise

23 Years of Experience

Diversity, Equality

Generational diversity and engaged communities; sales assessment and coaching; instructional design, development and evaluation; strategic workshop design and facilitation; financial advisory sales and back office training program development

36 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

36 Years of Experience

Change Management

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