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Stephen D.

A Keynote Speaker from Silicon Valley, United States

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Stephen's Specialty

Stephen is a competitive strategy + marketing consultant, helping emerging brands define their competitive positioning, communication strategies and implementation plans in the market.

Apart from writing and consulting, is a frequent speaker on competitive strategy and marketing. He holds multiple patents, has lived and worked in both the US and Japan, and has an MBA from the Wharton School.

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Stephen's Speaking Profile

Thought Leadership on Out-maneuvering Giants
Stephen is an author, speaker and consultant helping emerging brands define their competitive positioning, communication strategies and marketing plans.

Stephen is a frequent international speaker on competitive strategy, marketing, leadership and innovation, focusing on what it takes to out-maneuver the giants we face, regardless of the odds - and how we can learn from these brands and apply their "thinking tools" and cultural shifts to do the impossible.

In his keynotes, he draws on over 80 personal interviews with some of the world’s most effective business people – from Silicon Valley to the townships of South Africa, profiling over 35 (and counting) brands from 13 different countries – as well as others outside of the traditional corporate world, from professional gamblers and hostage negotiators to Hollywood screenwriters and pro football players, creating a vivid and compelling story of how to out-maneuver the giants we face in business and in life.

Prior to consulting, he was a 20+ year senior marketing executive, having managed the people, strategy and budgets at brand name technology companies like Sony, Onstar, Iomega and Plantronics. He has deep experience in both B2B and B2C marketing and has been recognized as a highly creative, “out of the box” strategist.

He has lived and worked in the US and Japan, holds several patents and has an MBA from the Wharton School.

The roster of companies Stephen has consulted for, spoken to or advised includes Hewlett Packard, The North Face, Altria, Campbell‘s Soup, The Conference Board, YPO Global’s “Win the PR War” London conference, Frederique Constant, Elsevier, Jabra, GN Resound and others, from start-ups to Global 500 players. He has also done guest lectures at Wharton, Kellogg, UC Berkeley and others, plus numerous entrepreneur forums and councils.



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Stephen's Speaking Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

I interviewed over 70 of some of the world's most effective business leaders - from the townships of South Africa to Silicon Valley - and distilled their lessons into 10 strategies that business leaders can quickly apply to their companies today.

Examples of these lessons include:
. How to Seize the Narrative and hijack the conversation in the market to a place you know you can win.
. How to leverage the Definition of "We" and create exclusivity and connection with your market.
. How to create Ideas Bigger Than Your Category and be a market leader - even if you're not the biggest player.

35 Years of Experience


I researched, personally interviewed and wrote about how certain leaders across many different industries and geographies toppled the giants they faced in their industries. From Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to C-level officers in Global 500 giants, I distilled the key leadership lessons these business leaders attributed to their success.

Examples include:
. How developing a Speed-Based Culture not only results in faster decisions - but better decisions as a competitive weapon.
. How organizational design impacts Mastering the White Spaces between silos and how smart killer brands create the future.
. How proactive leadership in building a culture of consumer Activation ensures you can always take advantage of market shifts and competitive initiatives.

19 Years of Experience


I interviewed over 70 of the world's most effective business people from 33 companies in 13 countries and learned directly from them how they applied best-in-class innovation practices to change the rules of their industries and out-maneuver the giants they faced.

These lessons include:
. How to proactively leverage Structural Shifts in your market to find and exploit market opportunities - that are often hidden in plain sight.
. How Shifting Reward Structures in your market can change the dynamics and seize chokepoints that can become strategic advantages for your brand.
. How Tapping Social "Glue" can shift the perceptions in the market and help you out-maneuver both objections and competitors.
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