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Alexander B.

A Business Speaker from Washington, DC, United States

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Alexander's Speaking Profile

World renowned CEO; Winner, Top Innovator of the Year Award

Wharton-educated as well as an Oxford MBA, Alexander B. is one of the world’s most well known social entrepreneurs. The inventor of person-to-person giving on the Internet--lauded by the international media as the “eBay of Giving” and “Facebook Meets Pocketbook”--he is a visionary who has improved and inspired countless lives.

Now 35, he is the youngest winner ever of the Daily Record’s Top Innovator of the Year Award as well as the Influential Marylanders Award, recognizing the top 50 people in the State, up to the Governor.

Alexander is also the recipient of the prestigious international WebAward for Outstanding Achievement as well as the Top 40 Under 40 Award. He has been honored as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the renowned Wharton School of Business, and has traveled to nearly 40 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Alexander B. received an MBA from Oxford University in England, is Wharton-educated, and also holds a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

A serial entrepreneur, Alexander has founded and served as CEO of multiple technology companies receiving wide acclaim. Previously he led a distinguished career as a venture capitalist, investment banker, management consultant, senior government executive, and software developer involving opportunities in excess of $1 billion. He has been featured in several hundred of the world's top television, radio, and print media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Associated Press, BusinessWeek, Globe & Mail, The Independent, The Guardian, The Age, FOX TV, Forbes, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, The Sun, Information Week, Daily Record, SABC, Sydney Morning Herald, Jerusalem Post, Botswana TV, International Herald Tribune, Internet Evolution, New York Times, and Voice of Africa.

After achieving success in the private and public sectors, Alexander B. is a highly sought after keynote speaker, Master Class presenter, and consultant to various audiences ranging from large corporations to university students; from religious institutions to non-profit organizations. He enjoys inspiring others to succeed by sharing his passion, vision and fascinating experiences.

Alexander is a member of Oxford Business Alumni, Wharton Club of DC, the National Speakers Association and International Federation for Professional Speakers. He travels worldwide from Washington, DC.



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Alexander's Speaking Expertise

34 Years of Experience


Alexander is an expert in a number of business topics including innovation, technology strategy, new venture and business development, philanthropy, fundraising, marketing, media relations, and finance.

He is the CEO, founder and inventor of the world’s first direct, person-to-person giving website and philanthropy community for which he has been credited with "revolutionizing charitable giving."

Sample Innovation Keynote:


Topics: innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and overcoming adversity

In this fascinating and often hilarious recount of his journey to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, Alexander offers a candid view of the enormous challenges and setbacks that were overcome, emphasizing the importance and power of tenacity in the face of adversity. From sleeping on his software developer’s couch thousands of miles from home to a “memorable” encounter with Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander, B.'s story inspires and educates audiences. He teaches the qualities necessary to be a successful innovator and how anyone can create a marketing sensation and “buzz” with limited resources.

[Note: A full-day Master Class length version of this topic is also available for successfully launching new ventures.]

34 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

Sample Marketing Keynote:


Topics: social media, marketing, customer relationship management, technology

Nearly 70% of the global Internet population visits social networking or blogging sites. Companies and organizations are rapidly playing “catch up” to adapt to this user-generated, customer-centric wave of social computing by scrambling to adopt both external and internal social media marketing and Web 2.0 strategies.

In this fascinating keynote speech that is not to be missed, you will learn how to harness the power of your customers and community. Alexander B., one of the world’s most acclaimed social entrepreneurs and grand prize winner of the Top Innovator of the Year Award for revolutionizing charitable giving through the invention of person-to-person social networking technology and online communities for the philanthropy market, shows you how to develop a game-winning social media marketing strategy. Beat the competition by employing best practices for success. Learn how to foster deeper relationships with your customers, promote your programs, and leverage your exuberant customer base to evangelize your brand and take it global. Explore how to avoid potential social marketing disasters. Discover key platforms you should be using now, which ones may be a waste of your time and resources, and how to measure results.

[Note: A Master Class length version of this topic is also available.]

34 Years of Experience


Sample Motivation/Entrepreneurship Keynote:


Topics: motivation, inspiration, social entrepreneurship

As a child, Alexander often gazed at the black and white photos on his parents’ piano of his father’s family members who perished in the Holocaust. The lessons he learned as a boy about the preciousness of human life, combined with world events, ultimately led him to a “lightbulb moment.” He left a career in finance to make a difference, inventing and patenting a new way to make philanthropic contributions in 50 countries through the power of the Internet. Alexander draws from his experience and the lessons learned as a social entrepreneur to inspire and motivate, ensuring audiences that by finding their passion, maximizing their unique abilities, and embracing change, one person can indeed change our world.

[Note: A half-day and full-day Master Class length version of this topic is also available on social entrepreneurship and corporate and social responsibility.]
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