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Bernard K.

A Business Trainer from Paris, France

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Facilitator, Strategic Marketing and Finance
Bernard holds degrees in the social sciences from the American University of Beirut and the City University of New York as well as an MBA from New York University.

His early experience includes 4 years of executive training as well as 17 years at American Express Bank. At AEB, Bernard was exposed to all areas of international banking and was transferred to the Paris office as Credit Director in 1990.In that capacity, he was in charge of credit quality oversight and took part in the development and marketing of financial services.

Since 1995, he has managed his own training consultancy, creating and delivering marketing and finance seminars to major corporations on a global basis. Bernard has worked with firms in the automotive, pharmaceutical, hi-tech, and travel service industries.

In addition, Bernard enjoys leading finance and marketing courses at several top business schools in the Paris area (Essec, Insead, Reims Management School), working with students as well as executive education candidates.

A native New Yorker, now a transplanted Frenchman, Bernard is equally at ease in French, English, and Spanish and uses all three in his training activities around the world.



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Bernard's Training Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

Training and Consulting in many companies in short and long-term projects

45 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Experience at American Express, plus leading many courses on Finance for non-financial manrgers

45 Years of Experience

Language, Culture

Experience as translator, Interpreter, and I have developed courses on Intercultural adaptation
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