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Deborah E.

A Business Trainer from Sydney, Australia

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Internationally Accredited Trainer
With years of experience in the demanding and challenging industry of telecommunication, this lady facilitator has outstanding skills in facilitating and acheiving successful results.
She is a dynamic, energetic and highly motivated trainer. She has developed and delivered customised training courses for both technical and personal development needs of all types of business. All training is aimed at further developing your current strategies, values, key processes and techniques to promote personal, team and business advancement.



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Deborah's Training Expertise

28 Years of Experience


Neuro Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy tm
Telecommunications Cert II & Cert III
World Class Customer Service
Customised Business Courses
Hypnosis Weekend Workshops

30 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

World Class Customer Service
Self Motivation
Personal Development
Quality Assurance (ISO9000)

28 Years of Experience

IT - Information Technology

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