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Maureen K.

A Business Trainer from Cape Town, South Africa

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Performance Consultant
I started my career in 1981 at the South African Broadcasting Corporation on the Black TV station. I was involved in the translation of Documentary and Children's programmes from French to English.

In 1983 I joined a major insurance brokerage in South Africa and rapidly moved up to become a Senior Manager in human resources, training and development. I went on to obtain a managerial qualification through the Graduate institute of Management Technology and various other qualifications in training and development. During this period I was nominated as the chief facilitator of distance learning for Africa Growth Network.

I broadened my experience in the training of retail managers and front-line service staff. My passion is to maintain customer care in any people service related industry and have notably been involved in the facilitation of the Vuselela 365 customer care programme for Pick & Pay retail store (SA).

I have also grained invaluable experience in the conducting and co-facilitation of Performance Management and Interpersonal Skills programmes in North, West and Central Africa (in French). I have also worked extensively in the SADEC region.

I am currently a Performance Consultant and specialise in the enhancement of People Skills. I have facilitated numerous training workshops on interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, time management, performance mangement and customer care skills.



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Maureen's Training Expertise

30 Years of Experience


Intensive enhancement of communication skills that entails insight into assertiveness: understanding the behaviour model, listening, empathy, giving and receiving positive and negative feedback, using "I" statements to enhance communication. I am also au fait with the understanding, insight into and facilitation of MBTI, EQ, IBS and transactional analysis

30 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

I have facilitated and developed numerous customer care programmes for the hospitality, medical, retail, call centre and insurance industry. Focus is extended to include: behaviour - understanding self and others; personal image and hygiene, voice projection, understanding poor customer relations and service and the impact thereof on the bottom-line of the company; customer service vs selling and the impact thereof on business

25 Years of Experience

Time Management

Have developed and facilitated numerous workshops over a broad spectrum. I have moved away from the "traditional" time management skills programmes and now focus more on: impact of external factors (ie globalisation, virtual offices, etc) on the demands of time, setting goals aligned with Key Results Areas that form an integral part of the Performance Management System, understanding attitudes and behaviour of self and others and the impact on delivery; prioritising tasks and goals according to urgency and importance; identify own planning style and the impact thereof on self and others; implement healthy workflow practices, overcoming barriers, wisely select appropriate actions at appropriate times, improve on balancing work and personal life by manging time more effectively
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