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Pravin S.

A Business Trainer from Mumbai, India

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Certified Business Coach & Execution enthusiast
I am passionate about developing the 4th M* in competitive organisations i.e. Manpower.
* Why do I call it the 4th M? In the interplay of Money / Material / Method / Manpower, it is the last M that is the only competitive advantage any business has today. I help businesses leverage the 4th M capability for business excellence.

MY APPROACH: I first help identify the main / biggest people-related business challenges and roadblocks. Once this is accomplished, I look for the best tools from the kit to help work on this. Since there is no one size fits all in this business, I do this thru' a combination of the following:

> Culture Diagnostic and Discovery (Measurable and Quantifiable)
> Behavioural Assessments (Help with pointers regarding a person)
> SMART Goal Setting
> Behavioural Training
> Executive Coaching

WHY SHOULD YOU ENGAGE WITH ME? Just as the best army sweats so much in peace that it doesn't bleed in war, so also I believe the effort I put in the pre-assignment and diagnostic / analysis means it is easier to fight and succeed in the actual execution war.

My esteemed and long standing client list includes:

> Aditya Birla Group
> Mahindra & Mahindra
> Mercedes Benz
> Siemens

...and many more Fortune 500 as well as marquee Indian organisations.



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Pravin's Training Expertise

25 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Strategic approach to all business angles and issues and Training as a tool for betterment of processes, people and organisations.

29 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Managing all tasks in my business from marketing, people issues, business development and regulatory etc.

22 Years of Experience

Sales - General

Frontline soldier managing Institutional sales for a Multinational Pharmaceutical organisation manufacturing Diagnostic Kits and Machinery.
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