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Pravin S.

A Business Trainer from Pune, India

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I Have Always Tried To Look At Everything From A Holistic / Business Oriented Angle Rather Than From A Sector Or Function Specific Angle. Further I Have Tried To Learn To Take Better-informed And Well Thought Out Decisions Rather Than Jumping To Conclusions. Finally
I Try To Retain A Very Keen Interest In Keeping Myself Abreast With All Developments In The International Business Scene And Look At Cross-fertilisation Of Ideas
Concepts And Principles Across Sectors And Cultures.


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Good Enough is not Enough
If there was one set of words to describe my approach to life it is this ? ? The only thing worse than being blind is to not have a vision?. These words by Helen Keller have been the guiding principle of my life so far where I am making my very small and sincere effort at sharing my experiences so far with people who may be needing inputs on these and allied issues for their professional and personal improvement. Needless to say, I remain a humble student and even today life teaches me new lessons every moment. I share some of my achievements below for your kind perusal.

I have so far spent a 16-year professional career in various functions in industry understanding the various nuances of conducting business effectively.

I started my professional career after the completion of a Pharmacy degree and then a Postgraduate degree in Management from a leading B-school in India. My first job was a hands-on experience in Pharmaceutical Sales with a Multinational organisation.

After understanding the sales process and the concept of need fulfilment of the buyer as against purely selling our products, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has so far seen me in various roles ranging from an OE supplier to Automobile industry in Western India to a dealer of Chemical products to a Technical and Marketing Consultant to now a Corporate Trainer.

I believe the multifarious fields I worked in, the various roles I performed and the diverse positions I held have helped me achieve a very objective outlook to life in general and business in particular. It has held me in good stead in all my endeavours and at the same time enriched me as an individual. All of this has helped me look at business from various angles rather than from a uni-dimensional approach. Sitting alternately on both sides of the table has helped me get sensitised to the positions of all players in a competitive business scenario. This in turn has helped me approach all business deals with that `extra? sensitivity to strive for the best `win-win? under the situation.

Overall running one?s own manufacturing traditional business, then getting into a high performance oriented services sector and then using this base to enter the field of Technical, Marketing and Strategic Consulting in tandem has I feel made me a more aware and hopefully more `complete? individual.

The last few years have seen me using these skills to help organisations and people enhance their value-add and productivity. These skills are all the more important in today?s hi-pressure Corporate Environment where everyone needs to go just that little bit beyond one?s duties and deliver that `value-add?, which will help distinguish them from their peers, juniors and seniors alike.

I have discovered the field of Training as the most ideal where I can bundle all my experiences and deliver a session where I feel I have delivered something worthwhile to the participants and yet see it as my small contribution towards making the Corporate World that much a better and more sensitive place. It is of course a great add-on that I also learn from every training session that I conduct.

It is my dream to see businesses look at every proposal from a `Societal? angle rather than just a `Profit? angle ? this of course does not mean that profits are to be ignored ? indeed, they are the most important factor to decide the viability of any business proposal ? but business at any cost? That is the question I constantly address at all stage of my sessions.

I have conducted Training sessions on various soft skills areas like Communication skills, Business Writing skills, Conflict Resolution as well as Specific `Sales and Selling Skills? Modules.

The sectors where I have worked include the IT and ITES sectors, Pharmaceutical as well as allied services.



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+53 1
22 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Strategic approach to all business angles and issues and Training as a tool for betterment of processes, people and organisations.

+30 4
26 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Managing all tasks in my business from marketing, people issues, business development and regulatory etc.

+31 15
19 Years of Experience

Sales - General

Frontline soldier managing Institutional sales for a Multinational Pharmaceutical organisation manufacturing Diagnostic Kits and Machinery.
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