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Jim E.

A Business Speaker from Reading, United Kingdom

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Inspiration with a touch of humour
Jim delivers entertainment with a message - your message. Participative and motivational, his talks cover such topics as 'unlimiting' yourself, goal setting, facing your personal demons and much more.

Professional speaker, author and consultant Jim E. has an unusual background: An IT consultant so long ago it wasn't even called IT, insurance salesman, society photographer, taxi driver and more. He has worked for and with all types of organisation from one-man-bands to blue chip multi-nationals in a variety of disciplines - including training, marketing and copywriting - at all levels from director upwards.

Jim is also a celebrated after dinner speaker, motivational presenter and improviser, all valuable traits to make him perfect to support the exhibiting experience! Jim works with us to deliver stand presentations and seamlessly performs as part of our clients team.

Jim's Clients include:

AAT - Automobile association - IFRA - Action Aid - Intercom - BII - BT - DTI - KEL Computing - Brooks Randall - Glaxo Smith Kline - Magistrate's Court - Challenge International - Marketing Guild - Coventry C of C - Montbrink - Peter Brett Associates - Elite Courier - SJA - Direct Future Electronics - SMS - Brann International - Total Logistics - Edric AV - WBBC - Aloka - Sony - Sky



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Jim's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Jim is a keynote motivational speaker, running public speaking workshops for training in communication. He offers workshop for people who have to make speeches or give presentations. Communication is what human beings do - from the moment they are born (hence my 60+ years experience!). specialist group and individual training in presenting, rapport building and dealing with others.

45 Years of Experience

Event Management

Systematic development of startegies to ensure the profitability of events - especially trade shows.

31 Years of Experience


After dinner speaker (and other business/ocial events0)
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