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Miles C.

A Consultant from Southampton, United Kingdom

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Miles's Specialty

Innovative, analytical and solution driven management consultant and product development leader with over 20 years of experience.

Core competencies:
Product Development, Customer Experience Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Innovation, Business Models, Strategic & Business Planning, Channel Management, Project Management, Research & Analysis, Marketing Programmes, Product Launches, C-Level Client Relationships, Multi-Functional Team Leadership

Miles's Experience Map

Miles's Consulting Profile

Product Customer Experience Consultant
Innovative, analytical and solution driven management consultant and product development leader with over 20 years of experience. Major assignments include the comprehensive review, redevelopment and implementation of New Product Development process for Africa's biggest brand, MTN Group, as well as developing successful mainstream mobile products.

Ability to gain rapid insights into and understand customer needs and translate them into value-added products.

Highly skilled in analysing product development approaches, determining viability of significant new products and implementing ground-breaking new processes. Pioneer in new technologies with recognised expertise in cutting-edge areas including Service Delivery, Devices, Content, Identity, Payments and Applications.

A decisive and motivating team leader.



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Miles's Consulting Expertise

38 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

Product marketing expert, led the development of multi-media internet-enabled devices (Vodafone Live!), mobile broadband, mobile advertising, cloud based remote working solution and numerous others in the mobile, payments and media industries

28 Years of Experience


Led Vodafone UK Next Generation Customer Proposition team, Vodafone Group Enterprise Future Products team, Vodafone Group and UK Product strategy, numerous projects and with a structured approach to innovation that produces highly evident results.

24 Years of Experience

Customer Experience Management

Introduced the customer journey and customer-led product development to Vodafone, and have continued to develop the approach for 16+ years. I use step-by-step techniques within CX's proprietary methodology to ensure customer experience is deeply imbedded in products. With this approach I leverage all the related documentation, decision-making templates and toolkits that i have developed with my business partner to arrive at best in class solutions
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