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Walter F.

A Consultant from Geneva, Switzerland

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Walter's Specialty

Creativity, Design, Innovation, Fidelization with our clients for a long term business relationship.

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Walter's Consulting Profile

Commercial & Financial Engineering
Walter is a founder and the managing director of an international business consultancy practice that provides specialist investment, merchant and commercial and financial engineering facilities and special services to clients all over the world.

Operating mainly in the field of international trade finances and turnkey projects, he
has bankable and innovative solutions for their clients. Structured project finance transactions where finance is raised on the strength of a particular project - in the public or private sector - Walter has counts with a strong external structure in the main financial markets of the world for the support of these projects.

Financial Commercial Engineering

* Society Constitution in its diverse ways
* Identification of New Business
* Fusions, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
* Consulting Services for Public and Private Entities

Investment related

Walter is a generative source of investment possibilities and has a set of programmes specifically developed to satisfy the opportunities of investment as soon as they appear. After making a deep analysis on the investment opportunity, he offers its clients a plan of action that compliments the client's investment objectives to short and long terms together with a level of risk tolerance.



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Walter's Consulting Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Solid structure through biggest international Banks, Financial Holdings, Underwriters to advice on trade finance transactions, forfaiting business, cover difficult risk country based on commercial transactions. Unique worldwide system of invest in gold.

35 Years of Experience

Business Development

Innovative structure for turnkey projects to private and public sectors.

23 Years of Experience

Strategic Alliances

Today the market demands professional people and those who work in financial engineering services have to differenciate themselves as new innovators from their competitors.
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