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Howard F.

A Business Trainer from Southern California, United States

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Strategy & Corporate Finance Professional
Extensive knowledge of corporate finance including management experience in commercial, mortgage, investment, private and international banking. Significant small enterprise turnaround experience and experience providing litigation support and expert witness testimony in cases involving complex corporate finance issues.

Howard helps companies where stakeholder differences threaten the future of the business. It can be a troubled situation or one where current performance is not an issue but the future direction is no longer clear. Stakeholders include majority and minority shareholders, family, Board of Directors, management, employees, trade creditors, financial institution and any other party that has a stake in the future of the business. His expertise is in bringing disparate parties together to embrace a plan or a common vision.

Specialties: Bringing stakeholders together on a path forward that satisfies primary needs, wants and goals.

Gen-Y Adults: Exploring core values, personal attributes, skills, work ethic and vision of the future to arrive at alternative paths to fulfillment.

Businesses: Negotiating with all stakeholders to develop and execute plans that achieve each stakeholder's primary priorities.



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Howard's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Extensive experience with capital markets transactions and the employment of financial tools to improve strategic and operational performance.

Areas of expertise include strategic planning, capital budgeting, cash budgeting, funding, risk/return assessment, cost of capital, working capital finance, debt and equity placements, mergers & acquisitions and valuations. Practiced at using corporate finance to influence strategic decisions.

39 Years of Experience

Strategic Management

Knowledgeable about strategic planning and strategic decision making, including the issues influencing strategic decisions, including how to develop a strategic plan, developing the financial and operational plans to support the strategic plan and manage to achieve strategic objectives.

32 Years of Experience

Small Business

Experience managing and dealing with the unique issues confronted by owners of small businesses, including marketing, personnel and financial issues. Predominant among these issues is generating sufficient capital to sustain and grow the business where available capital resources are significantly fewer than those available to larger companies.

This issue impacts all areas of the business, but none so much as new business development, product differentiation and working capital finance. I have small business experience in software engineering and distribution, wireless technology, construction, real estate development and consumer product distribution. I have also experience applying this experience in the not-for-profit world where many of the same issues are confronted.
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