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David C.

A Consultant from Windham, New Hampshire, United States

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Financial Modeling and Consulting
David has 25 years of management consulting experience training consultants and clients and leading significant business improvement projects in Fortune 1000 companies. Industries have included consumer packaged goods, office equipment, capital leasing, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical, utilities, health care, oil and gas, telecommunications, chemicals, and financial services.

As a member of IBM's financial team for eleven years, he held positions including worldwide auditor of methodologies for pricing new and existing products, and plant controller.

Most recently he has created a company to market financial tools, training, and consulting, and recently created a proprietary course to provide all of the instructions needed to master Excel for control-oriented accounting and financial modeling. It is constructed around a series of Excel workbooks that explain and provide practice in each concept.

At the completion of this self-directed course, students will be able to develop powerful Excel/VBA models for business and personal use. The course materials are provided to students for hands-on practice in class and for user-friendly reference afterward.

He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and the Harvard Business School.



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David's Consulting Expertise

43 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

He has expertise in accounting/control, finance, and business management, and routinely develops complex Excel models for decisions regarding major business improvements, M&A, in/outsourcing, and related CFO issues.

28 Years of Experience

Lean Management

He routinely performs analysis of operations in manufacturing and administration to evaluate and make recommendations regarding lean philosophy, tools, and techniques. He also provides leadership and training for "Kaizen" events (rapid, focused business improvement activities).

43 Years of Experience

General Management

He routinely leads teams to investigate a broad range of interrelated business issues to identify and evaluate opportunities and creates road maps for significant improvement programs.
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