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Nabil Z.

A Business Trainer from Edison, New Jersey, United States

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New York based Finance and Derivatives Expert
Nabil has been in the investment and banking industry for more than 30 years. During that period, he assumed senior positions in both Corporate Finance and Treasury with major Wall Street firms and international financial institutions in New York, Canada and the Middle East. He has held high profile management positions with Chase Manhattan Bank, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities and Tradition.

Currently, Nabil is an adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance and Derivatives at New York University. He taught at New York Institute of Finance (currently known as FT Knowledge) from 1995 until 2004. He lectures extensively on portfolio management, risk management, derivatives, and international capital markets for major Wall Street firms and financial institutions (see attached).

Nabil has assumed senior posts in both Investment Banking and Corporate Finance in major Wall Street firms. He was advising major corporations and financial institutions on mergers & acquisitions, and restructuring. Then, He moved to Asset & Portfolio Management and Treasury.

In his capacity as Senior Vice President- Financial/Commodity, Futures and Options with Chase Manhattan Bank in Canada and New York in early 1980s, Nabil has marketed and traded a wide gamut of derivative products, including financial futures and options, futures as well as commodities, particularly, crude oil and refined products to domestic and overseas oil corporations.

Thereafter, he joined Merrill Lynch in New York as a Vice President- Financial Consultant/Portfolio Manager in its Private and International Banking Division. He was responsible for the marketing of various capital market products (e.g. Interest Rate SWAPS, FRAS, Options, Futures, Equity Derivatives) and developed an extensive network of contacts in the U.S.A and Europe.

Also, Nabil is consulting a number of banks and financial institutions in the U.S.A, Asia, and Japan in the areas of asset/liability management, credit derivatives and restructuring as well as risk management. Currently, He is the Group Adviser for the Board of Directors of a major Asian bank; EON Bank and an Independent Board Professional Director at the Board of Directors of Signature Asset Management Company Limited- a Cayman Island incorporated company.

Nabil taught previously at the American University in Cairo, George Brown College, and University of Toronto. He is a regular commentator on CNN, CNBC and Al-Jazeera. He holds a Masters degree in Economics and Finance from Syracuse University, New York (1981).

Some of Nabil's in-house company training clients include:

J.P. Morgan Chase; Singapore, Tokyo, and NYC | Citigroup; NYC, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Malaysia | Bank of America; New York and London | Goldman Sachs; New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo | Bear Stearns, New York | UBS; New York, Tokyo | Credit Lyonnais, Hong Kong | Merrill Lynch; New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo | Deutsche Bank; New York, Tokyo | Credit Suisse First Boston; New York | Lehman Brothers; New York | National Discount Brokers; NJ, U.S.A. | Charles Schwab; New York | Standard Chartered Bank; New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Thailand, Taiwan, India | Development Bank of Singapore, Singapore | Rabobank; Singapore, London | Temasek, Singapore | RHB Sakura Merchant , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Securities Commission, Malaysia | CIMB, Malaysia | PWC, Malaysia | Rating Agency Malaysia | Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia | Merchant Bankers Association, Malaysia | EON Bank, Malaysia | Korea Securities Dealers? Association, South Korea | National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait | Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait | Global Investment House, Kuwait | Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait | Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait | Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency | Mashreqbank, U.A.E | Emirates Bank International, U.A.E | Dubai Islamic Bank, U.A.E. | Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, U.A.E | National Bank of Dubai, U.A.E. | Abu Dhabi Investment Authority | Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi, Saudi Arabia | National Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia | The Housing Bank, Jordan | Arab Bank, Jordan



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Nabil's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Investment Banking
Credit Risk for Derivatives
Portfolio Management
Financial Risk Management
Credit Portfolio Management
Corporate Finance

Actual courses and programmes delivered to date:

* Capital Management - Incorporating impact of Basle II Accord
* Investment Banking
* Portfolio Management; Intermediate & Advanced (New York & London & Paris)
* Capital Markets
* Wealth Management and Alternative investments
* Credit Risk for Treasury Products
* Credit Risk For Derivatives (North America, London and Asia)
* Pricing of Swaps & Exotic Derivatives (New York University, NY)
* Trading & Hedging Exotic Options (New York & London)
* Credit Derivatives (Major Wall St firms, Tokyo and London & Paris)
* Quantitatives For Derivatives (Lab-intensive course- New York City)
* Mathematics of Derivatives; Trading, Hedging and Arbitrage (New York)
* Advanced Risk Management (New York, London, Asia, Tokyo)
* Advanced Yield Curve Analysis (New York)
* Asset/ Liability Management
* Liquidity Management
* Advanced Financial Statement Analysis (New York, Europe)
* International Money & Capital Markets (North America and SAMA)
* Credit Risk; Analysis, Restructuring and Control (The Middle East)
* Risk Management (New York, London, Paris, Middle East & Africa)
* Introduction To The Securities Markets (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Texas)
* Investment Risk Analysis (Merrill Lynch, Tokyo)
* Financial Engineering (Citibank, Singapore & Malaysia)
* Securitization (New York, London, Paris, Singapore)
* Collateralized Debt Obligations; CDOs
* Value-at-Risk (VaR) & Monte Carlo Simulation
* Operations Risk
* Operational Risk Management
* Capital Management
* Basel 2 and Capital Adequacy Requirements
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* Private Equity
* Corporate Finance
* Credit Portfolio Management
* Structured Finance
* Syndicated Loans
* CFA Courses (3 levels)
* Series #7 (Securities Industry License)
* Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds
* Retail Banking
* Islamic Finance
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