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Cost & Management Accounting / Financial Management
John is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant with over 35 years experience in this field. In the past 15 years he has been in private practice.

He has specialised in offering services in Cost and Management Accounting / Designing and implementing Management Accounting / Budgeting / Working Capital Management and Control / Ratio Analysis as well as Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting / (Activity Based Costing and Target Costing).

As part of this process he has trained and coached staff in Budget Planning and Control / Cost Accounting / Manufacturing Accounting / Financial Accounting.

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John B.

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Associate member Chartered Institute of Management Accountants / Chartered Institute of Secretaries

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John B.
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South Africa

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Dependable And Punctual.I Enjoy My Profession And Attempt To Complete All Mandates With Integrity And Honesty


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John B.


45 Years of Experience
Implementing, controlling, improving, financial and management accounting systems, an example is providing management with profitability by division within the company after allocating overheads in an accurate basis for each service provider.
Design of costing systems to establish unit costs, break even point and establish gross margin by product type.


45 Years of Experience
John has been involved in Budgeting in many different industry types. This has involved expense budgeting / sales and income budgeting by unit volume and value. He has also been involved in balance sheet budgeting / working capital and ratio budgeting.
Project budgeting and returns on investment, eg: discounted cash flow, return on investment
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42 Years of Experience
As a Financial Director John has participated in the running of various companies.
An example of a successful project was installing a computerised purchasing system that resulted in better stores management, lower stock holding, increase sales and reduced stock obsolescence.
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John B.
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