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Abdullah A.

A Business Trainer from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Financial Expert (Equity Research, Investment, Strategy)
Abdullah is an experienced financial expert in equity research, valuation, investment appraisal, report writing, media skills, and bank treasury. A well-rounded experience in Jordan and the GCC gives Abdullah a breadth of knowledge, a wide scope of expertise, and an ability to conduct financial knowledge for diverse group of receipts. Most notably, Abdullah has practical knowledge in applying theoretical financial concepts to practical solutions that companies seek.

Abdullah worked for prominent banks in Jordan, for a high-profile governmental post, and recently works for a leading investment company in Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah has a strong academic background. A bachelor in Economics from the University of Jordan , a Masters Degree in International Banking and Finance from Liverpool John Moore University, and currently pursuing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Strategy at Oxford University.

Abdullah is a charismatic personality. He can simplify complex financial and corporate jargon into easily-understood concepts. He enjoys teaching people, communicating ideas, and thrives on the concept of developing people's skills.



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Abdullah's Training Expertise

18 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

Gained a great insight into business strategy formulation through my position as Head of Research, meeting various CEOs in MENA region, and also from being a member of the management committee at the company where I work.

23 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Acquired vast knowledge in finance and financial tools through extensive education, training, job requirements, management of financial experts, meetings with corporate executives, and continuous education. The skills of Abdullah vary from banking, treasury, building processes and procedures, management of financial experts, advanced statistic, trend analysis, economic analysis, industry analysis, company valuation, strategy, and report writing.

18 Years of Experience


Abdullah's career as Head of Research and his academic background in Economics enabled him to put macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts into practice. Such tools are being applied constantly in building Abdullah's industry and company valuation models, in appraising companies strategies, and in thematic reports that analyze macroeconomic issues in the region.
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