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Douglas H.

A Business Trainer from Aberfoyle, near Stirling, United Kingdom

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Communications Trainer
Douglas is a communications trainer, working with individuals and groups in building clarity and confidence into their communications. In particular, he works with presentations and public speaking, written and graphic communications, interview techniques and dealing with communications issues at the workplace, cross-cultural awareness in linguistics and behaviour.

Douglas’ background is in language and communications training. This is a natural inheritance from his background – French mother and British father, the latter with roots in Italy and also in Russia. As a child his life was graced by Dutch nannies; and then he married a Swede. So he is highly attuned to different languages, cultures and subtexts. Douglas has lived and worked in four countries.

Douglas’ work has focussed primarily on communication: linguistic, organisational, strategic. This has been borne out by a career as a trainer, consultant and small business owner. The greatest learning of the latter was leading his own organisation into the jaws of the recession, and having to let go of the baby. Fortunately, the name lives on under new ownership. Douglas now works as a trainer specialising in organisational effectiveness and intercultural understanding.

His work focuses on what we say, and how we say it – and how to build assertiveness and clarity into the communications of non-native speakers. He is currently working in Ukraine. A sysyphian task? Maybe, but it brings its rewards. Douglas values good education and training highly, and ascribes his successes to what he learned at University and to various coaches and mentors throughout his working life. Good training leaves an indelible print.



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Douglas's Training Expertise

36 Years of Experience


Worked in Nordics as a communications specialist for variety of clients. Specialising in presentation skills and preparation of written and graphic material.

13 Years of Experience


Following from NLP Practitioner Course am now taking the Masters course. Am working with individuals in building their confidence in professional communications situations, e.g. job changes, interviews, overcoming communication problems at work, in particular in an international context.

36 Years of Experience

Language, Culture

Have worked as language and cross-culture trainer for many years, alongside above-mentioned skills.
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