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Paolo A.

A Business Trainer from Mandaluyong, Philippines

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Experienced Trainer in soft skills & Customer Service
Paolo brings with him almost 8 years of experience in training and instructional design.

His acquired experiences in the field of training delivery, including expertise in language & accent training, customer service and customer relationship management and culture training can be an added asset to your good office. He has a solid grasp of the English language; has also been exposed to working under pressure, and has proven to be very adaptive and flexible. Paolo also has fully developed skills in mentoring, coaching and presentation.

Paolo is up to par and updated with the standards of training, both locally and internationally, and is very willing to learn and acquire new skills & languages and share his own best practices. Paolo has extensive experience in building training modules & training plans from scratch; modifying existing processes and presentations and a keen eye for details. He can work as an individual or as part of a team with ease. He has attended several training sessions, certifications and workshops that allowed him to be very good at his craft.

He possesses an energetic and vibrant personality, which allows him to deal well with people; Paolo is very goal oriented and is capable of meeting deadlines. He is very open to constructive feedback, and can work with minimal supervision as well. Paolo flourishes in a multicultural working environment, and he likes to help people grow and flourish in their own chosen fields as well.



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Paolo's Training Expertise

23 Years of Experience


Language and Accent Neutralization

Soft Skills

Telephone Etiquette

23 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Soft Skills

Customer Relationship Management

Assertiveness / Polite Refusals

Consultative Sales

23 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Workshops
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