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Martin Thomas, Frontiers Consultants FZE, a specialist Consultant from Sharjah | Expertbase

Martin T.    

A specialist Consultant from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

International business advisor, consultant & interim manager

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Martin's Consulting Experience

30 Years specialisation in

Bringing together all aspects of the business & market analysis and focusing the whole management on looking at it creatively and holistically to grow and/or change according to circumstance

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40 Years specialisation in
Marketing (General)

Coupled with strategy a good marketing programme develops a dialogue with all stakeholders and a consistent but interesting message properly tailored.

30 Years specialisation in
Business Development

Taking organisations into new markets either geographically or in terms of the portfolio of offering.

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Martin T.'s Profile

International business advisor, consultant & interim manager

Martin is good at communication, money, people and technology. And making businesses work. Especially at building committed high-performing teams. And mentoring Executives in difficult positions. In all these are the elements of successful Change management.

He's a writer and a speaker; and a very good one at that. Martin writes on economics, cultural awareness and politics for the entrepreneurial businessman. He speaks on entrepreneurialism and creative business approaches. He has been known to teach these subjects on executive programmes at business schools.

Billionaires and wealthy entrepreneurs are my speciality. He's now worked with 4 billionaires and even more of the merely very rich. Owner/managers face a specific set of problems when it comes to business development that include the aforementioned communication, money, people & technology but coupled with a style and degree of risk not well understood in large corporate environments. And they daily deal with an unprecedented range of stakeholders. Martin helps bring these together and manage their manifold expectations.

Clients include:
Microsoft, Exodus Communications, 3i, Lucas, Volvo, Al Habtoor Group, Gasco, Microfocus, PE & VC firms, other consulting practices and Government Departments in UK & US.

Martin Travels From
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Compact and to the point
Martin's Milestones

Creativity entrepreneurialism analysis & synthesis of ideas and problems ability to lead disparate skills & cultures to adopt change
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55 to 60
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United Arab Emirates
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United Kingdom
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