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Julia P.
A specialist Consultant from London, United Kingdom

Consultant and Coach. When you need to get the job done

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Julia's Consulting Experience

30 Years specialisation in

"Julia is absolutely fantastic! I have recommended her to so many people, both in the US and our sister company in the UK".
Chairman FTSE 500

"Our investment in Julia is one of the best decisions we have made. Highly professional and totally approachable, she can quickly identify problem areas and her experience helps you resolve them".
HR Director Energy Company

Strategic planning, thinking and management.

  +8   +2
30 Years specialisation in

"Julia is an expert in leadership and comes at it from a totally practical level. If you want leadership and people strategies that work you absolutely need to talk to Julia before anyone else".
Director of Logistics FTSE 500

"Julia provides focus and clarity. If you're looking for theory, models and wiffle waffle then look elsewhere. If you're looking for practical, business-changing leadership strategies you absolutely need to work with Julia".
Relationship Director Leading UK Bank

Leadership programmes at all levels, Organisational Development, Change Management

  +85   +20
25 Years specialisation in
Executive Development

"Totally inspirational. Totally professional. A brilliant support and a great person to get to know. I wish I'd met Julia years ago as she has been a total revelation to my career".
Wealth Director Leading UK Bank

Personal development and business coaching to increase profitability and equity growth

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Julia P.'s Profile

Consultant and Coach. When you need to get the job done

"Julia has one of the sharpest minds I have met. What's more she approaches everything in a positive, can do manner. If I had my way I would keep her as our secret weapon".

An ex CEO of an international management consultancy, Julia is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on strategy, process and implementation/execution with an outstanding and sustained track record.

She is highly sought after internationally, for her uncanny ability to solve the toughest business problems. Julia has worked behind the scenes with top executives in some of the world's leading companies as both a coach and consultant.

Clients request Julia for her ability to simplify complex problems and to get the job done. When time, skills, experience or resource are limited, clients call on Julia to produce the results the company needs

* Julia's expertise helps define your strategy and what it needs to achieve. From her experience we know what works and what doesn't
* By identifying your strategy and the process to implement it, before physical implementation, you save time and money and achieve the ROI you desire
* By effectively implementing your strategy Julia makes sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. You get it right first time. You achieve your goals.

Julia is an expert in leadership and has created and led award-winning leadership programmes at all levels.

Julia will work with you to define a functional or an overarching strategy. She will take into consideration your vision, existing strategy, where you are now and where you want to be. She will fully involve all key stakeholders as advised by you and will communicate in a clear and timely fashion, according to your requirements.

Julia will work with you to define the precise process to bring success. No jargon, no wasted time spent on preparing fancy charts which then sit on the desk and no looking to pass the responsibility to someone else. Just to the point, well defined processes with allocated tasks, roles and responsibilities. Clear, concise and highly effective.

Julia is a world renowned expert in implementation. Getting things done is what she is all about. It's what Julia calls 'doing the doing'. As with everything she does, she is thorough in her approach, transparent in her actions and clear in her communications. Julia will get the job done. You get the results you need.

It's not always easy to achieve what you want within a prescribed timescale no matter how hard you try, especially when people have differing opinions.
A veteran of numerous board meetings and strategic retreats, Julia will bring focus, clarity, sensitivity and an insight to proceedings with either a guiding or if required, a firmer hand.

'Our board meetings used to go on for a day, without really achieving anything – apart from getting on each other's nerves. We asked Julia to facilitate and now we couldn't imagine running our meetings without her. Slick, focused and professional, she provides a strong guiding hand without involving herself in the actual discussion. This is definitely a skill that few enough people possess. We now use Julia throughout the organisation at the senior level that warrants her involvement. We consider her to be a member of our team and a valuable member of our organisation'.

Julia's accomplishments, business acumen and results have not gone unnoticed. She is frequently quoted in the press as an expert voice on strategy, execution and leadership, including The FT, The Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian, together with numerous international trade publications. She is also a prolific writer, being extensively published in the field of strategy, process and implementation, leadership and high performance team development. In addition, Julia is a highly sought-after speaker on process- led implementation, business growth and how to drive revenue, increase profitability and build equity.

Julia has worked with 30% of the FTSE 500, governments on 3 continents and Associations both public and private. Julia has advised 2 royal families. She works at both board and operational level.

Julia is a Council member of the International Institute of Leadership

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London, United Kingdom

Compact and to the point
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Outstanding leader and team player results-focused flexible adaptable positive excellent communicator approachable analytical insightful innovative motivating and inspirational
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 United Kingdom
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 United Kingdom
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