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Julia P.

A Consultant from London, United Kingdom

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Hired by Founders of tech startups who want to cut through the marketing clutter and outperform the competition.

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Consultant and Coach. When you need to get the job done
IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?: To combine a crystal clear position and messaging which resonates with your target audience with a practical marketing strategy and execution plan which delivers exceptional growth.

WHAT I DO: I position your tech platform so that the value you deliver and your competitive differentiation is crystal clear and resonates with your target audience at every stage of their buying journey. Benefit-driven messaging will ensure they engage with you.

Most of our work starts with nailing your VALUE PROPOSITION, so it is crystal clear and speaks to your target audience. No fluff, no wiffle-waffle, no me too. Julia explains the true value your tech and your business delivers, in language that your prospects can understand – not jargon.

Julia makes sure your prospects can see exactly what it is your business does, why you are different and the problem your tech solves – specifically for them.

Building on your stellar proposition, Julia then creates your marketing strategy. Not a happy clappy strategy that leaves your budget straining, your team at their wits end and your message diluted, but a highly practical, focused and prioritised strategy that is designed to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

YOUR STRATEGY will get you conversations and demos with the people who are looking for exactly what you do, every single month. Month after month.

I don’t do standard or pre-packaged. I'm not tied to using one platform or the other. Every strategy is unique and takes into account your team, your available time, your resources and your budget.

An ex CEO of an international management consultancy, Julia is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on strategy, process and implementation/execution with an outstanding and sustained track record.

Julia is highly sought after internationally, for her uncanny ability to solve the toughest business problems. Julia has worked behind the scenes with top executives in some of the world's leading companies as both a coach and consultant.

Clients request Julia for her ability to simplify complex problems and to get the job done. When time, skills, experience or resource are limited, clients call on Julia to produce the results the company needs

* Julia's expertise helps define your strategy and what it needs to achieve. From her experience we know what works and what doesn't

* By identifying your strategy and the process to implement it, before physical implementation, you save time and money and achieve the ROI you desire

* By effectively implementing your strategy Julia makes sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. You get it right first time. You achieve your goals.

Julia is an expert on leadership and has created and led award-winning leadership programmes at all levels.

Julia has worked with 30% of the FTSE 500, governments on 3 continents and Associations both public and private. Julia has advised 2 royal families. She works at both board and operational level.

Julia is a Council member of the International Institute of Leadership



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Julia's Consulting Expertise

35 Years of Experience


"Julia is absolutely fantastic! I have recommended her to so many people, both in the US and our sister company in the UK".
Chairman FTSE 500

"Our investment in Julia is one of the best decisions we have made. Highly professional and totally approachable, she can quickly identify problem areas and her experience helps you resolve them".
HR Director Energy Company

Strategic planning, thinking and management.

35 Years of Experience


"Julia is an expert in leadership and comes at it from a totally practical level. If you want leadership and people strategies that work you absolutely need to talk to Julia before anyone else".
Director of Logistics FTSE 500

"Julia provides focus and clarity. If you're looking for theory, models and wiffle waffle then look elsewhere. If you're looking for practical, business-changing leadership strategies you absolutely need to work with Julia".
Relationship Director Leading UK Bank

Leadership programmes at all levels, Organisational Development, Change Management

30 Years of Experience

Executive Development

"Totally inspirational. Totally professional. A brilliant support and a great person to get to know. I wish I'd met Julia years ago as she has been a total revelation to my career".
Wealth Director Leading UK Bank

Personal development and business coaching to increase profitability and equity growth
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