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Glenys M.

Strategy Consultant

A specialist Consultant from London, United Kingdom

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Glenys's Consulting Experience

29 Years specialisation in

She develops strategy, after constructing client competitor analysis, she develops options evaluate options and implement options.

She has done privatisation strategy, commercial strategy, operational improvement strategy, growth/re-structuring strategy, M&A strategy, sales and marketing strategy,

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24 Years specialisation in
Change Management

Managed two UK privatisations energy/utilities and rail.
Manage mergers de-mergers and acqusition integrations.

Started change management consulting practices for two global consultancy companies.
Manage change across geographic borders and cultural borders.

24 Years specialisation in
Business Development

All her work in the previous categories are focused on business development-developing stratgy for commercial advantage.

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Strategy consultant

Glenys covers the full range of corporate strategy from Strategic analysis, (market, competitor), creation of strategies for growth, Option evaluation to Implementation of chosen strategy for the client.

She does strategy line management roles for UK F100 companies, managed privatization / commercial/flotation strategies and develop strategic plans for clients. She has been a strategic management consultant at E&Y, a global Big 4 firm, developing a new strategy services group, M&A. Started new services at Logica.

Glenys is a hybrid commercial and operational line manager and strategic management consultant, with sector depth and programme spread of business experience. He credibility ranges from engineering environments to M&A blue chip advisory projects, Glenys is a skipper, client and delivery focused with operational business depths and different analytical skills, innovative - always focused on delivering business benefit..

Glenys is an excellent communicator and networker, who looks for opportunity and challenges. She can manage programme implementation and business transformation - i.e. de-regulation in energy, telecom and transport has given her 15 years of re-structuring experience, industry modelling for splits, business splits, company launches from small to blue chip, privatizations, mergers and acquisitions. She is a pragmatic manager, with creativity, an eye for opportunity, focused energy, a realistic outlook and an excellent track record of consistent delivery of superior results.

Her Clients include:

BP, Ford, Volvo, Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, Rathbone, Securiplan, NPower, Vodafone, Orange, Network Rail, City University Cass Business School, South Bank University, Sol Art/Graphics, Luton Airport
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London, United Kingdom

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I have been a member of several but travel meant I did not get value for money so I closed them ie UK iNstitute of Marketing
I have publishe dwhite papers on subjects such as M&A getting value from deals for E&Y my then employer
A thinker and a do-er I am innovative and pragmatic Good presentation facilitation skills
Sailing Gliding Lecturing at Business Schools Learning Arabic
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United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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I have a professional approach to anything I do.

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