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Marinus H.

A Consultant from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Marinus's Specialty

With over 15 years of experience in Strategy, Enterprise Performance Management, and IT project management, I bring Digital Transformation strategies to life for clients.

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Marinus's Consulting Profile

Digital Transformation Consultant
Substantial experience spanning several industries, line functions, management levels, and data supporting decisions in these areas.

As a project manager, I have delivered significant strategic, and small hands-on projects ranging from strategy development and implementation to more operational plans or analytics.

Substantial value delivered to clients in the following industries:
- Public Sector (national ministries, municipalities, and public-private partnerships)
- Financial Services (banks, insurers)
- Utilities (energy)
- Transportation and logistics (rail, road, and general supply chain)
- Telecommunications (operators and ICT service providers)

Transformation affected:
- Strategy (Environmental analysis, strategic options development, KPI definition and automation, balanced scorecard development, and cascading)
- Finance (controlling, revenue assurance, share option valuation, loan risk and collections, business case development, and performance management)
- HR (talent management, learning, and development, performance management, personnel administration)
- IT (business intelligence, analytics, big data, cloud strategy, and software development)
- Operations (manufacturing, software development, claims processing, access control, and general business process management)
- Marketing (segmentation, campaign management, customer profitability)
- Health and safety (training and risk analytics)



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Marinus's Consulting Expertise

12 Years of Experience


Advised on Balanced Scorecard, EFQM, and Custom Strategy and Performance Management frameworks and implemented framework and technology projects to embed the frameworks for clients.

17 Years of Experience

Project Management

Led various successful business, and technology transformation projects for clients.

20 Years of Experience

IT - Information Technology

Delivered multiple IT implementation, technology selection, analytics, data warehouse, enterprise architecture, and business process transformation projects
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