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Sought After Business Speakers - "mr. Marketing"

A specialist Keynote Speaker from Los Angeles, United States

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34 Years specialisation in
Business Development

Business success is about controlling costs, but it is also about having the right board structure, a dynamic leadership, the right corporate culture, the right product mix, selecting the right markets, differentiating from competitors, creating a customer-centric team which has clear communication with internal customers as well as external. The goal of all presentations, all custom written to address the client's specific needs, is to build loyal customer base and increase ROI. Simple messages told dynamically with humor and easy to implement immediately.

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45 Years specialisation in
Marketing (General)

Studies show that in today's dynamic and "new media" marketplace, with a new age demographic attitude, 95% of all traditional advertising and marketing does not work. How do we clearly differentiate ourselves from competitors; What marketing/advertising channels do we use; How do we measure their effectiveness and ROI; What is the impact in the bottom line of loyal customers? What "tools" can we use to create "front of mind recall"; What part does price play; How do we overcome price objections; What is the ROI from customer service?

It is the size of the idea, not the budget. How do we maximise our ROI from our marketing spend? In a highly competitive environment, we must measure the effectiveness of everything we do. How do we implement effective marketing metrics?

44 Years specialisation in
Customer Care, Service

Brand equity and loyal customers decrease marketing costs, increase margins, ROI, team morale - in fact, make great commercial sense. PWC studies show that customer service contributes more to ROI, corporate growth and profit margins than either product initiatives or advertising. How do we make a company more customer-centric, build team spirit? Examples and simple applications.

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Sought after Business Speakers - "Mr. Marketing"

Bob has been described as one of the most successful business presenters, marketers and speakers in the world. He is a speaking professional, not a professional speaker. He is CEO of a global business company working in the real world trenches every day. Bob has been delivering educational, motivational presentations to audiences for over 20 years. He is known for his dynamic delivery, meticulous presentation and practical, take-away advice.

30 years' experience as an international business troubleshooter; 87 Fortune 500 clients in North America, Europe, Australia; former CEO of a publicly listed company; sits on 6 company boards; President of the American Institute of Sales, Marketing and Management.

Specialist in a wide range of Leadership, Business and Marketing areas due to extensive global experience - Business Development, Marketing Strategies, Branding, Differentiation from Competitors, Cost Effective Marketing and Communication using "new media", Why 95% of Traditional Media advertising does not work in today's new environment ...and what does, Developing a Winning Mindset and a Winning Team, Creating a Customer Service driven corporate culture.

His team works with underperforming companies in evaluating the business from the front door to the back door including board and management structure, corporate culture, IP, tax strategies, product ranges, competitors, marketing and advertising, pricing and sales channels.

Winner "1999 International Marketer of the Year" (other winners include Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos), joint winner "Clio" Award and 4 "Silver Telly" Awards.

Over 1,000 presentations to major corporations in 26 countries. All presentations are custom written to address clients' specific issues.

A selection of Bob's Clients include:

* Corporate clients: Microsoft, AT&T, Ford, General Motors, BMW, The Coca-Cola Company, Pfizer, Citibank, Astra-Zeneca, Morgan Stanley, 3M, Mercedes Benz, Deloitte Touche, Shell Petroleum.

* Sports clients: Formula One motor racing, Legends Tennis with Borg, McEnroe, Skins Golf with Norman, Nicklaus, NASCAR, Evander Holyfield, Katarina Witt etc

* Consultant to: Fox Studios, Darling Harbour (Sydney) the worlds 5th largest Olympic site.

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Los Angeles, United States

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Marketing Institute President American Institute of Sales Marketing and Management
Books - Complex Marketing Made Simple Sponsorship Made Simple Marketing Success Stories Marketing Magic CD/DVDs - Kick Ass Marketing 8CD Superset 15 Keys to Business Success 4CD S'set Marketing Wizard 6CD Superset Live at the Winning Edge DVD
Leadership forthrightness integrity good negotiator excellent communicator team builder
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United States
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Travel Business Class, all ground transport and three nights' accommodation outside the USA to be paid by client

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