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Accent Neutralization Trainer and Coach
Bhavya is a trainer of international repute. She has a varied experience of over 7 years. She specialises in the training of Soft Skills & Behavioural Trainings, Voice & Accent (US & Neutral).

Bhavya has been certified by clients for conducting process training of special nature meant especially for new hires. She regularly develops modules for process, voice & other related trainings.

Bhavya has worked as Assistant Manager Training for Zenta, a Fortune 500 Company and was responsible for coordinating training needs and solutions for CSG group, consisting of 8 teams with 4 reporting trainers. One of the prominent needs was to organize a special & intensive training for new hires. Was also responsible for other varied trainings such as Cross Training, Product Training, Remedial Training, Soft Skills Training as well as streamlining.

Bhavya has organized TTT (Train The Trainer) for aspiring trainers. The training material had to undergo a careful validation before it was uploaded onto iLMS (e-learning "GURUKUL"). She has been associated with HTDM-IHL vertical (7 Engagements) and served as a backbone in organizing & delivering training.

Modules conducted are Voice & Accent and behavioural training related modules like Presentation Skills, Problem solving n Decision Making, Telephone Etiquette, Analytical Skills, E mail Etiquette, Coaching Skills, Written Communication, Communication Skills, Culture and Body Language for Clients are Arrow, Ingram Micro, General Star, Chubb, CISCO and AON.

Bhavya's Clients include:
Infosys, Surlin Consultancy, Caterpillar logistics, iGATE, Zenta, TMI, Spark BPO Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon), Spanco Telesystem and Solutions Ltd., System Domain, Mantech and NCT Ltd

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Bhavya D.
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Bhavya D.


21 Years of Experience
Accent Neutralization:

Voice and Accent is a part of pre process training and duration varies from 15 days to 45 days. The AN program focusses on equipping a person with the skills necessary to speak without Mother tongue influence (MTI), in a grammatical correct manner and also ensures that the person is globally comprehensible and is able to comprehend English from across the globe.
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Call Centre Related

21 Years of Experience
Customer Service
Floor Monitoring/Voice coach
Quality checking
Content development


21 Years of Experience
Bhavya is an expert in the realm of Call coahing.

She has helped in maintaining quality and meet SLA’s. Calls/ E-mails of agents are monitored and based on that feedback is given and if necessary training programs are organized.
Floor coaching helps the agent as well as the operations in ensuring that the company and agent meet the clients expectations and requirement. Training is conducted on the floor and individual attention is provided to an agent.
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Bhavya D.
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