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Nick B.

A Business Trainer from Manchester, United Kingdom

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Nick's Specialty

An experienced Manager with a background in leading blue chip companies, covering both "Sales" and "Service".

His natural enthusiasm generates "best performance" from both teams and individuals, in delivering performance workshops.

A judge for each of the last three years at the UK Customer Service Training Awards.

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Nick's Training Profile

An energetic deliverer able to win both hearts and minds
An experienced Manager with a successful background in the Financial Services and Insurance Industries in both Sales and Service.

Having spent close to 15 years managing teams of up to 250 in leading blue chip organisations, Nick has a real understanding of the needs of business but equally importantly of the demands that are placed on individuals. The people management has always been the buzz for Nick, constantly trying to find better ways to manage, coach and inspire his teams to greater levels of success.

Trained in a number of coaching methodologies and specialising in "performance workshops", Nick delivers improved results and team engagement.

Nick has worked with a range of SME's, Corporates and International organisations at home and overseas, both in the public and private sectors.

In the UK, clients include Bank of Scotland, NHS Direct, Argos, HMRC, Macmillan, Pets at Home and numerous public sector bodies.
Nick has also been asked to speak at a variety of events and conferences including local government forums.

Overseas Nick spent 18 months delivering workshops for the BPO sector in Botswana helping to develop the sector under a government funded initiative. His popularity meant that he was also often asked to deliver talks on a range of topics, outside of his brief and to different groups!

Nick has been a judge at the UK Customer Service Training Awards for each of the last three years, where his first-hand knowledge and experience has been used to very practical effect.

Charismatic and personable, Nick is quickly able to win hearts and minds.

His first eBook is shortly to be published.



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Nick's Training Expertise

23 Years of Experience

Call Centre Related

Considerable experience in managing large multi channel centres involving affinity management.
The understanding gained is now used to help to develop the skills in others to ensure that "Call Centres" can be a great place to work.
Programs delivered globally.

19 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Passionate about great service.
Always trying to create the understanding in others of the many chances that we all get "to make a difference", and the lasting effects that can have.

17 Years of Experience


Understanding the way that we think, and the ability to create the drive and motivation necessary to be the "best possible" version of ourselves, are key to new and improved performances...Often that we may have previously thought impossible.
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