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Ajit K.

A Business Trainer from Pune, India

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Accent Neutralization / Business Communication
Ajit is a Pune University Bachelors Degree holder in Commerce. He has over to 7 years of work experience in the service industry.

He started his career with Mphasis Pune (now called EDS). His job responsibilities included monitoring and analyzing calls. He also participated in assisting Quality implementation projects, preparing lesson plans for advisors, conducting quality analysis and team huddles, coaching (voice and accent) advisors on calls and participating in client conference meetings. He has also taken part in Soft Skills Training.

After Mphasis, he joined IBM Daksh where he worked in Operations taking calls and training new recruits in the area of Voice and Accent; and Customer Support.

Ajit’s expertise lies in the area of Voice and Accent. He has worked as a Consultant trainer where he has trained the employees of the following clients:

* Wipro BPO-Powai
* Wipro IT -Pune
* Wipro Belapur
* Nipuna in Hyderabad

Apart from training in Soft Skills, Ajit has additional skills and hands on experience/achievements:

* Avaya Telecommunication System
* NICE CMS (Call Monitoring System)
* Certificate in best quality for a quarter
* Certificate in meeting set targets
* Certificate in over exceeding set expectations
* Certificate in 2 day basics in Six Sigma

Data * MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint



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Ajit's Training Expertise

23 Years of Experience

Call Centre Related

Customer Service
Voice and Accent
Floor monitoring and feedback
Accent Neutralization
Mentoring & coaching
Cross Culture

23 Years of Experience


Business Communication (spoken and written)
Accent Neutralization/V & A
Cross Culture
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