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Rima Schafer, The Knowledge Brokers, a specialist Business Trainer from Bangalore | Expertbase

Rima S.    

A specialist Business Trainer from Bangalore, India

Specialist Accent Neutralizer, Communication Specialist

Expertise, Specialities, Competencies ...
Rima's Training Experience

15 Years specialisation in
Call Centre Related

Call taking experience
Customer Service
Floor Monitoring/Voice coach
Quality checking
Technical troubleshooting
Content development

16 Years specialisation in

English trainer (Grammar)
Business communication (spoken/ written)
Accent Neutralization
Cross culture

  +63   +5
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Rima S.'s Profile

Specialist Accent Neutralizer, Communication Specialist

Rima is an outgoing, enthusiastic, self-motivated, learning professional with hands-on exposure to Multinational Companies’ processes and standards.

She is able to work in a team and lead it at the same time. Her greatest strength is her high degree of commitment to work, ability to coach and mentor team-mates and attempt to excel and achieve perfection. Rima currently works as a Corporate Trainer at a well-known training firm in Pune, India.

She regularly leads specific and customised training intervention mainly in the areas of soft skills and communication development.

Rima's area of work include:

Competency Based Training Programs (CBT), Accent Neutralization, Active Listening, Coaching Skills, Handling Escalated Calls, Analytical Skills, Cultural Sensitivity, Motivational Skills, Client Interfacing Skills, English Usage, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills, Conference Calls, Email Etiquette, Presentation Skills, Thinking Skills, Written Communication, Grammar for Success, Call Smart, Strive for Excellence and Corporate Personality

Rima conducts regularly training sessions in Accent, Numeracy, Reading Comprehension, Thinking Skills, Written Communication, conducts pre-assessment, mid-evaluation, final assessment.

Rima also conducts refresher training on Voice and Accent, English Grammar and Mock Calls
Rima Travels From
Bangalore, India

Compact and to the point
Rima's Milestones

Training Experience / Worked In
great team player excellent communication skills highly motivated multi-lingual & adaptive
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About Rima

7.48 K

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41 to 45
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