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Contact Center Operations Consultant and Speaker
Every organisation will have a Customer facing end. That is what I believe in, and Call Centers are going to change the way we conduct business, if not already, as we know it.

My Training work has revolved around improving Performance across Contact Centers in India. Performance Improvement is attained through focus on three important factors:

1. Increasing and Sustaining Operating Income
2. Meeting SLA's
3. Increasing Retention of Employees

My movement into the Training stream has been a concentrated one. While I do believe that Training can change an organization by improving performance levels, I am also concerned about the lack of interest shown by the organizations in investing intheir greatest asset, their employees.

I have helped Call Centers in understanding their market opportunities and harnessing their potential to the maximum limit. Thereby organizations have realised a good return on their investment through my training programmes.

From Agents to Directors, training can affect people in increasing their performance levels.

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1. Designed A C++ Compiler
Patent Application Submitted In September 2007. 2. Application Control Using Mobile Phones. Patent To Be Submitted In December 2007. 3. Study Of Inflection Points On Fourth Degree Polynomials: In Progress. 4. Represented The State Of Karnatake In The National Level VolleyBall Tournament

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Gautham C.

Call Centre Related

17 Years of Experience
22% Operating Income achieved with focus on KPI?s set for the program.
Increased the 30 Day KPI?s to meet Client SLA.

Training to Production acclimatization period reduced from 90 days to 45 days

Partnered with the Clients to identify performance measures that will be tracked to confirm value of outsourcing engagement.

Negotiations with the Clients led to a curriculum customized for an Indian Training and Production Scenario.

Accountable for producing results consistent with revenue and profit forecasts.

SLAs met 6 months post implementation

?Played an active part in the audience analysis and was part of the India initiative to map the profile of an Indian Agent. The exercise was to provide inputs in customizing the NH curriculum from an India perspective.

?Co-facilitated an initiative on the Client Program to standardize the training curriculum, schedule and content across Bangalore, Pune, Winnipeg and Tucson.

Assisted a Client's Pune Team in fine tuning the Training Delivery, content and metrics during the launch phase. This was recognized as a standard operating procedure by the client.

Partnered with the clients to understand their needs and concerns about training and 30 day performance. This was incorporated into training.

Conducted Change Management Sessions for staff during the Program Wrap Up period. This session was developed using the ADKAR model and Organizational Change Management.

Reports, designed by me, such as Batch wise attrition, 30-60-90 Day and Unscheduled Costs during training are still being used.


Customer Care, Service

17 Years of Experience
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Customer Experience Management

17 Years of Experience
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Gautham C.
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