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James L.

Communication Skills Trainer For Business

A specialist Business Trainer from Manchester, United Kingdom

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I am an expert in training communication skills to all types of people in an organisation - from the bottom to the top! I specialise in English language and Business communication. Efficient, clear communication is key to all successful activities and I can show you the way!
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James is qualified to train employees and individuals to improve their communication skills - both spoken and written.

James can train employees in methods to improve the way they use language to communicate both within and outside the business. Improvements in efficiency and productivity are possible when employees work better together.

Communication is key to all business functions and directly affects how external parties such as customers and suppliers will view the whole organisation.

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Communication skills trainer for business

James is a communication skills trainer for business.

James worked for many years as an accountant in many sectors - notably manufacturing, engineering and technology.

James is also a qualified English language trainer - and this is where he can combine both skills - to offer English Language training in the context of business and industry.

Communication skills are essential throughout the entire structure of the business - and James can train all employees in an organisation - from the bottom to the top.

James is from London in the United Kingdom and has a degree in Economics. He is CIMA qualified (Management Accounting) and in addition holds a CELTA qualification (Cambridge English Language).

James's clients include Engineering, Manufacturing, Business and Technology companies in the UK. He also produces online eLearning courses for companies - which can be used to support the training.
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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Airbus HamburgFarrat EngineeringMaersk LogisticsWestmill Foods
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