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Maurice L.

A Business Trainer from Johannesburg, South Africa

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Top-rated behavioural Training expert
Maurice has been working in the field of human resources, facilitating, training, counselling and people development for many years, both nationally and internationally.

He has a psychology and social work background, which includes 5 years of clinical experience. This experience covered counselling, group therapy, court work as well as being part of a medical multi-disciplinary team at a leading South African hospital.

As a certified Enneagram practitioner, Maurice uses this ancient assessment tool together with others, to supplement and support his development initiatives.

Maurice has been formally accredited in various disciplines, such as National Qualifications Framework Assessor, performance coach, Behaviour analyst [FSA Contact], FAMSA facilitator, and Investment in Excellence [Pacific Institute] where he holds the title of master trainer.

Maurice runs a successful consulting and training company, delivering a wide range of interventions, and is actively involved in consulting, training, facilitation and performance coaching in a variety of companies, across the spectrum of industries in Europe and Africa.

With a passion for working with people and organisations to support them in the realisation of their greatest possibilities, he brings a focus to the creation of awareness regarding the impact of environmental factors that have the potential to promote and sustain both personal and organisational growth. His offering is consistently professional with quality products, services and solutions that work...

Maurice is sought after in the arena of training trainers and institutions in the art of facilitation and learning. He has written a book [used for learning purposes only] on the skill of facilitation. He has added and continues to add considerable value in the training and educational industry.



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Maurice's Training Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Softskills Development

Very experienced soft-skills trainer with specialist facilitation capabilities. Maurice has successfully transferred this philosophy and approach into the broader company. Maurice has extensive experience and expertise in the following areas:
o Learnerships and Graduate programmes
o Performance coaching for managers [at all levels]
o Mentor programmes
o Interpersonal skills [Conflict, Assertiveness, Stress Management, Communication Skills, etc]
o Intrapersonal skills [Emotional Competence, Spiritual Competence, Self Esteem, etc]
o Management development
o Assessment centres
o Business coaching

35 Years of Experience


the core skills associated with coaching for increased performance. Having developed over 1000 managers to coach their staff, to coaching managers on a personal level in life skills and business acumen.

38 Years of Experience


All aspects associated with communication: the voice, effective communication skills; feedback; problem solving; communication over the phone; non-verbal components; handling difficult situations; image; ensuring clarity when communicating;
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