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Communicating complex ideas to specific readers & audiences
Pete acts as a consultant and delivers courses at many of the world's leading Universities. His core skill is enabling people involved in research projects to present their work and ideas to specific audiences.

The course range includes days that consider issues like:
- Writing academic papers that aim to be published in target journals,
- Preparing grant applications that meet the funder's needs while presenting the author's ideas,
- Compiling a PhD thesis, with a particular focus on preparing to write at the same time as completing the research phase, and
- Speaking in front of academic audiences.

Pete's background includes a PhD in Fetal Physiology, with a post-doctoral career at University College London. Over the past 20 year he has authored 16 books, appeared on Radio and TV, spoken to audiences ranging from 5 to 5,000, acted as a consultant to various academic publishing companies, advised senior academic staff on how to approach specific communication challenges and contributed to many of the UK's leading newspapers and scientific press.

Pete is a:
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Member of The Physiological Society
Member of the British Association of Science Writers
Member of the Medical Journalist's Association

Current UK clients include:
University College London, King's College London, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Swansea, University of Cardiff, University of Reading, University of Liverpool, National Institute for Medical Research, National Institute for Health Research.

Current non-UK clients include:
University of Munich; Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich; International Max Plank Research School, Munich; International Max Plank Research School, Tuebingen; University of Luxembourg.

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Pete Deliver With Clarity And A Sense Of Humour. His Courses Receive The Highest Ratings In Almost Every Venue That He Works.


Former Member Of Toast Masters International

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Pete M.

Softskills Development

28 Years of Experience
Pete has built up personal skills through his own writing and speaking that he passes on to participants in his one-day courses. His aim is to enable participants to create winning documents at the same time as getting on with busy lives.
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Presentation Skills

28 Years of Experience
Pete combines his former membership of Toast Masters International and his personal experience in academic conferences to any presentation skills training. His aim is to enable presenters to relax in terms of their own presence so that they can concentrate on their talk.
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