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Vinay K.

Attitudinal Change Training. From Ordinary To Extra-ordinary

A specialist Business Trainer from Pune, Maharashtra, India

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25 Years specialisation in
Quality Mgt

Involved for training, implementing Quality managment systems like ISO 9001 / ISO TS 16949 / ISO 14000 Kaizen, 5S etc for over 100 organizations in India at various locations and covering all varieties of organizations including pvt sector engineering, government departments, colleges, schools, software and pharma companies.

Conducting training through MCCIA, ACMA, and for corporates as per their specific needs on Quality related various subjects.

Practicle approach while training to ensure that the trainee derives value from it. Interaction is encouraged because we believe that 100% delivery of content is not the priority but 100% understanding of what is delivered is definitely the priority.
Languages - English, Hindi, Marathi

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19 Years specialisation in

Various trainings on Attitudinal Change for Performance Improvement or Turning Ordinary Person to Extra-Ordinary Performer were devised by us to change the thinking pattern of persons for betterment in life.

The response for each training was excellent and it has encouraged us to make this module available for most of the persons desiring the change in life. Over 1000 persons are covered in this training so far.

It covers Mindset change, Relationship of mind and body and then use of continual improvment tools and techniques for life.
Its a participative training which also builds up confidence of a person.
Languages - English, Hindi, Marathi

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Attitudinal change training. from ordinary to extra-ordinary

Vinay is a Mechanical Engineer with Management Qualification in Business Management. He is having experience of over 30 years in the field of Manufacturing, Quality control, Project Planning, Materials and Ancillary Development, Marketing with various well established companies like Bajaj Auto Ltd., TELCO Ltd., TVS Suzuki Ltd. and small scale auto ancillaries.

Vinay is an ISO 9001 QMS Lead Assessor from World-wide Quality Management Network, London and ISO 14001 EMS Lead Assessor (IEMA) and after working as a Management Representative in an ISO certified auto ancillary where he was involved in getting the ISO certification right from selection of consultant stage to certification stage, since August 1998, he is working as consultant for QMS based at Pune / Vapi. He is a recognized trainer on various modules specially developed for improved effectiveness of personnel in manufacturing and service sector apart from modules on modern industrial techniques.

Vinay has conducted more than 50 such sessions so far covering around 2000 persons from various levels in the organizations including the operators / lay man up-to the top management. He and his team have been involved in consultancy, training, implementation and certification work for over 150 organizations from diverse fields.

Specialises in:

• Trains on various subjects related to above activities including relevant Japanese techniques for various organizations, trade bodies and corporate. He tailors the training to suit different layers in the organisation.
• Associated with Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries Agriculture, Pune and ACMA (WR) for training on various subjects
• Second party or Third party Auditing and certification of Quality System on behalf of customers, certifying bodies, buyers.
• House keeping improvement guidance.
• Problem solving assistance.
• Supplier up-gradation programmes.
• Customer perception assessment assistance.
• Helping in transition to computerized working through ERP systems aligned with Quality Management Systems.
• We offer cost effective software for same.
• Training, & consultancy in ISO 9000 / ISO TS 16949 / ISO 14000 / TQM / Kaizen / Six Sigma / Business excellence / World class manufacturing.
• System Documentation and implementation guidance.
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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Member of Pune Management Association Member of Senior Execurtive Forum of MCCIA
Can communicate effectively with trainees and also believe in explaining the concepts in simple and easy to understand manner with variety of day to day life examples which are easy to understand
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