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David H.

A Consultant from Charlton Mackrell near Somerton, United Kingdom

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David's Consulting Profile

Pioneer of western style TQM, Six Sigma and Quality Circles
David has over 40 years of continuous experience in all aspects of the Quality-related sciences on a world -wide basis. He co-presented with the unchallenged World leading expert, Dr Juran, on all his annual courses in the UK from 1983 until Dr Juran’s retirement from international travel in 1992.

He was a personal friend of the late Professor Ishikawa and was the only European to be invited to contribute material for the book which commemorated his life. He has been a keynote speaker at many seminars organised by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) in Japan and to this day works with the well known specialists in Concept Engineering, Drs Kano and Shiba.

He is recognised both at home and in Japan as the pioneer of the introduction of Quality Circles and other Japanese developed management concepts such as the Toyota Management System to literally hundreds of organisations around the world since the mid 1970's. He has also played a significant international role in pioneering the development of Western Style Total Quality Management and its Six Sigma derivative. David has also been involved in many collaborative contracts with the Juran Institute and was a personal friend of Dr Juran on whose principles much of the Six Sigma philosophy is founded.

David's major assignments in the UK have included Heinz, Short Bros. Ltd. Wedgwood Ltd, VSEL, and internationally, many international assignments for the Egyptian, Iranian, Tunisian and Hungarian Governments frequently supported by UNIDO and the World Bank. In all cases his work has achieved huge reductions in cost improvements to productivity, sales revenue and increased market share. In one instance (a large aerospace company) he helped turn losses of 30% sales revenue into significant net profits after only three years and one year ahead of target. The company became considered as a World Class Aerospace company and won the British Quality Award only five years after the engagement began!

David has been publicly acknowledged for having introduced Quality Circles into the UK, Hungary, South Africa, and several other countries and Total Quality into Egypt and Tunisia funded by UNIDO.

David’s most recent achievement has been to provide external assistance to the Mobarakeh Steel Company in Iran with the implementation of a Corporate based Total Quality initiative.

This programme which embraces all of the best known quality initiatives including Quality Circles and the principles of Investors In People (IIP) has saved the Company more than $120M in the first three years but executives from the company claim that this is only a fraction of the real savings resulting from smoother production, narrower supply base and other benefits.

Industries in which David has introduced Quality Circles span almost the entire spectrum of industry including telecommunications. Clients in telecommunications have included British Telecom, Northern Telecom, NEC, Elcoteq Finland, and in closely related industries, ICL (now Fujitsu) and GEC Marconi.

More recently, David has implemented Quality Circles into a regional organisation of the British Ambulance service and to Etisalat, the sole Telecommunications company in the Arab Emirates.

David's Affiliations

* UK Secretary General – International Association of Schools Quality Control Circles (IAQCCC).
* Honorary Member - Asian Pacific Quality Society.
* Fellow – Chartered Quality Institute UK (CQI).
* Senior Member – American Society for Quality (ASQ).
* Juran Institute Master Black Belt
* Currently a member of the nominations Committee of the CQI

David is also author, co-author and significant contributor to ten books including:

* Products Liability – Heinemann.
* The Japanese Approach to Product Quality – Pergamon Press.
* Quality Circles Handbook – Pitman Publishers.
* In Pursuit of Quality – Pitman Publishers.
* Achieve Total Quality – Directors Books.
* Just in Time – Gower Press.
* Just in Time 2nd Edition – Gower Press.
* Professor Ishikawa – the man and his work
* A History of Managing for Quality
* His new 300 page book entitled ‘Hoshin Kanri – A Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement’ published by Gower Press in September 2008.
* Hundreds of articles published in a wide variety of management magazines since the mid 1970s to the present day.

Partial client list

Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, National Air Traffic Systems, Sony Ericsson, RMC, Supplier Automotive Parts Co, Iran, Mobarakeh Steel Corporation, Iran, Etisalat, SEEBOARD Power Networks, Shell UK, Unilever, VSEL, Intersurgical, Short Bros. Belfast, Environment Ageny, Egyptian Government, Tunisian Government, Hungarian Government, Medicor Budapest, JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers), HJ Heinz, Brinton's Carpets, Marks and Spencer, CMBT, Courtaulds Performance Films Division, Perkin Elmer, Elcoteq Finland, Royal Devonport Dockyard, Toyota South Africa



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David's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Quality Mgt

David was acknowledged to be the first British engineer to recognise the relevance of Japanese Production Methods to a non Japanese organisation in particular Total Quality Management and its component Quality Circles (also known as Kaizen Activities) and has both advised and trained companies all over the world in these concepts.

45 Years of Experience

Business Development

David realised that TQM could only be successful if it was part of a total business approach which the Japanese refer to as Hoshin Kanri and David has successfully assisted many companies to achieve stunning results through the application of this approach notably Short Bros, VSEL and Mobarakeh Steel

45 Years of Experience

Business Process Analysis

Business process analysis is fundamental to any modern corporate improvement programme and David began perfecting an approach to achieve this in all of his clients. He has explained this in detail in several of his books especially his latest book Hoshin Kanri - The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement.
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