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Majd A.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Majd's Specialty

20+ years of experience as an organizational development practitioner, an author of 4 popular books on future foresight, organization happiness and quality assurance and ISO 9000 and a pocket guide of management tools.

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Management Consultant and Trainer
Majd is a Management Consultant / Trainer / EFQM / CM / CC /
EFQM Validator and Assessor.

Worked as head of assessors at Ajman, RAK and ADAEP Awards. Lead assessments teams at Emirates, SKGEP, ADEP and KACE.

Majd is the CEO of a regional Consulting / Capacity Building company with more than 20 years of experience, engaged in Institutional Development based in Amman, Jordan.

His company serves as a champion of institutional excellence, assisting organizations in designing and implementing change management programs that will transform their institutions into powerful agents of economic growth.

Over the 20 years, Majd has delivered hundreds of presentations around the globe. Delegates describe his presentations as professional, rich and original.

As a Management Consultant and trainer, he has helped many leading Private and Public organizations and Business Associations in their pursuit of excellence and in the achievement of High Performance. He has successfully held various senior positions in organizations such as Managing Director of Institute of Management Consultants, Lead assessor and training Manager in Llyods Register, Technical manager / Founder / partner of a Management Consulting firm, Consultant in MMIS (AT Kearney) and JTCG.



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Majd's Training Expertise

22 Years of Experience


An organizational development practitioner. Majd is an author of 4 popular books on Future Foresight, Organization Happiness and Quality Assurance and ISO 9000 and one pocket guide of management tools.

22 Years of Experience

Quality Mgt

Tools and techniques.
Process mapping and streamlining.
PPIs. Highly experienced.

22 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Excellence Models and Awards.
Total Quality Management.
ISO 9000.
Quality Audits.
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