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Carrie R.

A Consultant from St. Andrews, United Kingdom

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Carrie is a dietitian, health writer and TV nutritionist. With a PhD in Child Nutrition and a string of publications on health and diet, Carrie has a strong grounding in nutrition science. Yet she combines this with a deep understanding of the food industry and its important role in the nation's diet.

As well as helping companies to develop healthy, innovative food and beverage products, Carrie has written for magazines and newspapers, and appeared on radio and TV - most recently in BBC Three's Honey We're Killing the Kids. Carrie has worked with a wide range of organisations including NHS Boards, multi-nationals, SMEs, trade associations, ingredient manufacturers, the European Commission, PR agencies, national newspapers, and the Food Standards Agency.

Carrie's expertise in communicating clear, evidence-based nutrition and diet messages has involved her in many different projects all over the world. Carrie has over 10 years experience as a registered dietitian and nutrition expert. Working with a team of freelance nutrition professionals, Carrie can offer a wide range of services:

Communication strategies; New product launches; Media briefings; Podcasts Meat Oats; Hostile media; Radio Campaigns

Newspaper and magazine articles; Health professional leaflets and newsletters; Communication to the scientific community and opinion leaders; Text for websites and company literature;
Scientific reviews

New product development, especially based on functional ingredients; Desk research e.g. to support claims or to inform company literature; Consumer research, Writing up data for publication; Managing research projects; Large scale audits;
Helping to develop research proposals

Workshops and conferences; Company away days; After dinner speaking

Seminars on nutrition, GDAs, Traffic Lights, Nutrient Profiling, nutrition claims, health claims; Lecturing



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Carrie's Consulting Expertise

29 Years of Experience

Diet, Nutrition

Qualified nutrition professional

10 years dedicated EU food industry experience

Track record of communication

Competent networker at all levels

Particular skill with hostile/sceptical audiences

Academic credibility

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