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Angie J.

A Consultant from Bracknell, United Kingdom

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Angie's Consulting Profile

Consultant Nutritionist & Accredited Sports Dietitian
Angie has over 15 years of experience as a UK based dietitian working within the health service, commercial sector and charity arenas. She offers advice on all aspects of nutrition from meeting clinical needs, education and lecturing to new product development and launch.

Angie is one of the leading Nutritionists in the United Kingdom. After 8 years gaining experience and skills within the NHS community health setting, she now works on a freelance basis providing advice and support to a variety of clients through out the UK.

Good nutrition is the basis of healthy living throughout the whole of life. Many people are confused by the huge numbers of contradictory food and health messages provided everyday by advertising, newspapers, magazines and television. She strives to promote nutritional well being, prevent nutrition related health problems and treat disease by promoting positive, practical messages about food and health.

Angie is a "State Registered Dietitian" (SRD) - a qualification gained following completion of a 4 year degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. State Registration is a protected title in the UK and provides your guarantee of a competent, qualified nutrition advisor. A State Registered Dietitian's unique skill is the translation of the science of nutrition into everyday information about food, health and disease. State Registered Dietitians work within a strict ethical code of conduct to proved accurate, independent and up to date information about nutrition and food.

Skills and Expertise

Training & lecturing
She has regularly developed and run training programmes throughout her career. These vary from one off short sessions to a series of topics. Training sessions often encompass nutritional theory combined with behaviour change counselling to develop both knowledge and skills of participants. She is an occasional lecturer at South Bank University Faculty of Health Studies and has provided sessions at national health professional conferences such as GP99. She has also written a selection of training packages for use by both dietitians and health professionals.

Advice regarding marketing, advertising strategy & content
She provides advice to a number of clients regarding tailoring activity to achieve maximal impact while maintaining efficacy and integrity.

She writes regularly for both health professional and consumer publications - translating the science of nutrition into every day practical information and tips. She also is skilled at developing consumer leaflets and materials.

Media Appearances
She has appeared in a professional basis in numerous television and radio programmes, interviews and mainstream publications:
Food & Drink (BBC2)
Esther (BBC1)
Why milk is important to school childrens diets (Daily Mail)
Food Awareness week campaign (Star FM)

Policy Development
She has provided advice to a number of organisations regarding development of their nutrition polices for employees, patients and residents.

Project management
Angie has run a number of large national projects for major clients.

Areas of particular nutrition and scientific interest include:
Coronary Heart Disease, Obesity and Weight Management, Diabetes, Women's Health, Sports Nutrition & Functional Foods.

Previous clients include:

the UK Food Standards Agency, Kellogg's, Allied Bakeries, South Bank University, Cauldron foods, Unilever, and many more.



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Angie's Consulting Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Diet, Nutrition

Advice and development of consumer resources e.g. leaflets, posters, videos, web sites etc.

Article research and writing for consumer and professionals magazines and journals.

Development of training materials or courses and organisation and running of educational events.

Lecturing and training on all aspects of nutrition and health.

Media support - She provides vital support to a number of clients to enable effectiveness of media campaigns.

Dietary analysis - individual or menus.

Individualised dietary advice.

Sports nutrition service addressing carbohydrate intake, fluid balance, vitamin & mineral adequacy, achieving weight goals and other factors affecting performance.

28 Years of Experience


Trained within the UK health care system and worked in clinical settings for more than 9 years

34 Years of Experience

Public Speaking

In demand as a speaker at broad range of events from public events or workshops, to health care professional training or university lecturing. Also media trained for television, print or radio
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