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Michelle J.

A Business Speaker from London, United Kingdom

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Diabetes, cardiovascular disease & weight management Expert
Michelle has been a dietitian for the past 10 years, working mainly within the National Health Service. She also does some freelance work in weight management.

She specialises in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and weight management and her job involves seeing inpatients and outpatients in the hospital. An integral part of her job in patient education and facilitating changes in lifestyle to help in the management and to reduce risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Michelle also teaches other members of the teams (nurses and doctors) around the dietary aspects of these specialitites.



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Michelle's Speaking Expertise

29 Years of Experience

Diet, Nutrition

Michelle is required within her job to provide education for patients and other members of the diabetes and cardiology teams (doctors and nurses) on nutrition related issues pertaining to these specialities.

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