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Amelia L.

A Consultant from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Nutrition Expert
Dr Amelia L. trained and worked as a dietitian before becoming a researcher. She is currently a National Institute for Health Research Post-doctoral Fellow. Amelia's work explores Obesogenic Environments; the concept that obesity is related to the environment.

Educating the public about healthy eating has become increasingly important, Amelia has done this through forums which include the media, public lectures and training sessions for professionals.

Amelia has extensive experience of working with non-specialist audiences as well as specialist audiences, and has produced various training programmes and related material. As well as academic writing Amelia writes regularly for the professional press.

Current Work

'Combating the Obesogenic Environment'. A Department of Health funded fellowship to explore the concept of obesogenic environments in 16-18 year olds.

Amelia is a co-organiser of a ESRC seminar series 'Time-Space and Life-Course' in collaboration with colleagues from Newcastle, Durham and Lancaster universities.

Recent Awards

• Nutrition Society Travel Fellowship (2006) & School Clinical Medical Sciences Travel Fellowship (2006)
• Department of Health Post-doc Fellow (2006-2008)
• Runner-up BA Charles Darwin Award Lecture February 2005
• Winner Poster Prize Clinical Medical Sciences Research Day January 2005
• Runner-up BNF Young Scientist Award December 2003
• Selected to attend the European Nutrition Leadership Programme March 2003
• Winner of Van den Bergh Foods Travel Fellowship 2000
• Winner of BDA Elizabeth Washington Award 1998



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Amelia's Consulting Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Diet, Nutrition

Consults and delivers speeches on Obesogenic environments, food environments, measuring the food environment, nutrition, food choice, dietary change, behaviour change.

Behaviour change counselling and motivational interviewing.

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