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Loretta C.

A Science or Tech Speaker from Guernsey, United Kingdom

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Loretta's Speaking Profile

Specialist Clinical Nutritionist
Loretts has worked for over 10 years as a clinical nutritionist and has been involved in many aspects of the field including clinical practice, lecturing and media work.

She has worked for large corporations in the UK providing nutritional guidelines for staff and is a long term consultant to the supplement industry helping to formulate supplements and provide staff training.

She loves public speaking and tailors her talks to the needs of the clients. Topics can include "What makes a healthy diet?", "Are supplements are good idea?", "The layman's guide to vitamins and minerals" or "How to get more energy from your diet".

As well as public speaking Loretta can offer individual consultations and advice with regards to staff nutritional requirements.



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Loretta's Speaking Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Diet, Nutrition

She has a First Class Honours degree in Nutrition and has worked as a guest lecturer in various Universities and Corporations.
She prides herself on her ability to explain the science of nutrition in laymans terms and relate this to peoples everyday lives.

34 Years of Experience

Health and Fitness

Nutritional medicine is one of the fastest growing fields in science at the moment.
She tries hard to keep abreast of the latest research in order to bring her clients the latest information on the way our diet effects our health.

34 Years of Experience


What you eat can effect your health in many ways. If you don't eat a healthy diet it can be difficult to ever acheive true wellness.

She can provide guidelines for healthy eating on an individualised basis or as a guidelines for a corporation.
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