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Khush M.  
A Professional Speaker from Kingston, United Kingdom

Professional Speaker on Nutrition and Lifestyle Management

Khush M. United Kingdom
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Diet, Nutrition * 19 Years

Nutritional analysis, health history profiling, counselling, motivation, recommenations to specific therapies such as homeopathy, conditions such as diabetes, cancer, wieght loss, sub infertility, food allergy, chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, heart disease, realying the information to client in a fun understanding manner

Wellness * 29 Years

Mind-body connection, mental health link to physical health, writing articles, lectruing to health professionals as well as the 'lay public', education, teaching, training, work shops

Healthcare * 29 Years

as for the 2 above

A professional Speaker, here ...
Khush M.'s Profile

Professional Speaker on Nutrition and Lifestyle Management

From the age of 5, this Khush was always fascinated by the human body.

She completed a Masters in Human Nutrition in the US and now runs clinics in London and New York. She sees people from all walks of life with various types of conditions, ranging from, obesity, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit syndrome, stress, digestive disorders such as acid reflux through to celiac disease, to name a few.

She completed a Masters in Human Nutrition in the US and she currently runs two practices, one in London and the other in Kingston Surrey. She is also completing her studies in homeopathy at the College of Practical Homeopathy.

She lectures at both the UK College of Nutrition and Health and the Centre for Nutrition Education. She is also a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists.

Khush also works with people on maintaining optimal health and improving physical and/or mental performance.

Khush also lectures for various Colleges on nutrition and lifestyle management - and loves seeing people achieve optimal health and pursue their goal in life!
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Kingston, United Kingdom

Compact and to the point
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British Association of Nutritional Therapists Nominated for the Patey prize by the surgical research society Employee of the year of 1993 at Celltech Chiroscience Zeneca Pharmaceutical prize for outstanding achievement
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Passionate knowledgeable traditional scientific background combined with complementary medicine motivator approachable opinion leader resourceful trustworthy
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United Kingdom   United Kingdom
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United Kingdom   United Kingdom
charity work for women with eating disorders lobbying and pressure groups in local community Qi-Gong studying homeopathy
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