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Rahul K.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Assists with:

Digital Selling
Direct Marketing
Strategic Planning
Marketing for Service Driven Organisations  
Marketing Action Planning  
Strategic Planning
Business Strategy
Business Planning
Business Conversation Skills
Business Plan Development
Business Etiquette and Protocol
Closing The Sale
Coaching Your Sales Team
Consultative Selling

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Wedding Tourism
Leisure, Travel, Tourism
Events Services


Best Wedding Planner - 2018
Best Wedding Planner - 2019
Top 10 Wedding Planners Globally
First Ever Destination Wedding in Disneyland Paris


Wedding Tourism
Wedding Planning And Management
Destination Weddings
Trainer Wedding Planning
Trainer Tourism Boards
Trainer Hospitality Groups
Coach Wedding Planning
Coach Wedding Tourism

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Rahul's Specialty

A Wedding Planning & Management professional with over 11 years of experience in Destination Weddings worldwide. A professional trainer and consultant to Tourism Boards and Hospitality Groups for attracting and boosting Wedding Tourism.

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Rahul's Training Profile

Trainer / Consultant / Coach - Wedding Tourism
With over 11 years of experience in planning, managing and conceptualising destination weddings worldwide, Rahul now professionally consults and trains Tourism Boards and Hospitality Groups around the world on how to position and promote their destination for Wedding Tourism. Having consulted for countries in Europe, South East Asia and Middle East, several new destinations as well as Hospitality Groups have benefited from the vast expanse and experience that Rahul puts into his training sessions.

Through detailed consultations with his clients, he is able to customise a bespoke marketing plan to meet their objectives of how to Pitch, Operate, Manage and Deliver successful destination weddings.

Rahul has spoken at multiple platforms around the world and imparted knowledge to a large set of audience purely through is experience and on-ground experience of over a decade in planning, managing and conceptualising destination weddings for top families around the world.

If you are a Tourism Board, Hospitality Group, Venue or a Stakeholder looking at boosting Wedding Tourism or simply looking at enjoying a piece of the pie when it comes to the phenomenon of Destination Weddings, we would love to hear from you.



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Rahul's Training Expertise

11 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

Training on Marketing Strategy

Identifying and crafting the right marketing strategy for Tourism Boards and Hospitality Groups to target Destination Weddings into their city or venues.

Through detailed research and studying customer buying pattern, this training session helps put in place the ideal marketing plan to meet current and future objectives.

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11 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

Training on Business Strategy

Post implementing the Marketing Strategy, this training focuses on how to capitalise on opportunities. With the right Business Strategy in place, the target segment begins converting into active business leads.

Implementing the right Business Strategy is key in quick succession to a focused Marketing Strategy.

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11 Years of Experience

Business Development

Training on Business Development

This training covers key points on managing and sustaining active Business Development to continue meeting the set objectives.

Periodical change in strategies helps support the Business Development keeping in view changes in buying patterns or external economical or social factors.
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