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Venkat R.

A Business Trainer from Bangalore, India

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Expert Trainer - Inter-personal impact
Venkat participates in engagements that involve executive-level assessment, training and development. He has over 23 years of experience in the field of sales & marketing, general management and human performance, and has designed and implemented people development interventions for leading companies in India and Sri Lanka.

Venkat has extensive experience in assessment and development of executive personnel across diverse industry segments. He has assisted organizations in identifying development requirements and supported them in instituting and sustaining appropriate learning systems and processes.

He has consulted extensively with Airtel, Grasim Industries, Ernst & Young, GE, H&R Johnson, TVS Motors, Titan Industries, and many other global and domestic clients.

At an early stage in his career Venkat helped BPL India to restructure its Marketing activities through significant emphasis on data based planning and by leveraging IT for greater accuracy and timeliness of sales performance reporting and analysis.
He also helped NIIT (National Institute of Sales Division) to establish a strong foundation in the Bangalore region by simultaneously driving business development activities and the development & delivery of consulting services Venkat won the NIIT Performance Excellence award in his very first year in the organization for reviving a low-morale team and motivating them to surpass all targets with a high level of positive team spirit and coordination.

Venkat is certified as a ‘Quality Education System’ trainer by The Quality College; Philip Crosby Associates.



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Venkat's Training Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Adult Learning

Venkat has helped many organizations conceptualize, design and deliver specific learning programmes that are based on well established concepts, yet practical in their approach and techniques, so as to enable participants apply them to their workplace with high degree of successful accomplishment.

20 Years of Experience

Negotiation Skills, Techniques

The negotiation skills workshops conducted by Venkat have enabled people in many organizations demonstrate tangible improvements in delivering their objectives in negotiating deals, resolving conflicts and differences, and enhancing personal value. The practical and structured approach to developing influencing skills have repeatedly proven their efficacy across many work situations.

26 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Venkat has helped organizations translate their service intent into tangible goals, structured processes and enhanced people skills, to deliver value to customers and thereby realize business value. The learning interventions have been often followed by extended field facilitation to support people in internalizing their learning through actions at work.
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